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In a God-centered home there is a real joy, a real beauty that is reflected in everyday life. It is a beauty that reaches past human design to a beauty that reflects the presence of the Lord.


What women are saying about Interior Wisdom...

I received your book for Christmas and thought it was going to be another "great idea" book, but just reading the 1st few pages, I realized, this was going to be a deeper journey for me. But the thing I'm enjoying most out of your book besides the beautiful pictures and design tips, is the Presence of God that fills my heart when I read it.

As I opened your book and began to read, I realized that God had orchestrated it to be in the pile of inspiration books I brought home from the library. I am currently using Interior Wisdom as a personal Bible study!! And recording in my journal the communication that is transpiring between God and me. God is good! I am so thankful you allowed Him the space and time to create something beautiful. Your book is a testimony to Him.

I was sitting on the floor of Barnes & Noble searching for ideas for a house plan when I happened upon your book. I began to read your words, and my heart began to melt. You see, the Father has given you such a gift for capturing His heart and I was immediately drawn to you. The book itself is beautiful, but your words are captivating!

I am an interior design student in Michigan. I can't put into words how truly blessed I feel in coming upon your book. It is very encouraging to find a fellow Christian in the same field that I love. You demonstrate my desires of not only making a difference in design, but in life as well. I simply wanted to thank you for your book. It will be a reminder and encouragement during my design career.

I purchased your book yesterday on a rainy cold day in Dallas. I could not wait to get home and begin to read it. I came across your words, "I pray this book blesses you" and I believe it did. Everything about this book is great! From the colors, to the texture of the paper used, to the photographs and your wonderful input of scripture. I could relate to every single aspect of the book and I thank you for writing it.

I recently purchased "Interior Wisdom" and wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading it. I just walked through the downstairs of my home and expressed my heart's desire for each room. I look forward to learning how to decorate the rooms in my house in a new and meaningful way.

I have just finished reading Interior Wisdom and just wanted to say "Thank You"! Your words were like a wave, the perfection of the ebb and flow. I read it slowly, I was hooked immediately. Now, I'll go back and highlight and take notes. It was a soothing balm!

I have spent the last year serving as a missionary in Northern Uganda. While visiting my parents in the U.S., I had the privilege of reading your "Interior Wisdom" book. I was so moved and so impressed with how you allowed the Lord and the Holy spirit to speak through you. Thank you for taking a leap of faith and stepping out with such courage to pull together a powerful book that filled me with a life changing message.

I stumbled upon your book the other day at Barnes & Noble. It is a wonderful devotional for decorators like me. I read, and cried and I was reading it. I have prayed many of the same prayers myself. When I read your book I got encouraged to continue to ask God to remodel my inner man. I have been a Christian for many years but have never seen a book that has connected the spiritual side of life with the changes that take place when we decorate our home. I was so happy to find it!

Please know your words are a comfort. You are such an instrument for the Lord, thank you. This may sound really silly, but I don't want to finish Interior Wisdom...I don't want it to end. But know, totally, that I can read it again! Thank you.

I LOVE your book and the way it speaks to removing spiritual and physical clutter!  It is written so personal, I did not want to put it down.  I experienced it as a Bible study.  I also love it because I do not have the gift of creative design, though I thoroughly appreciate it.