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Be inspired by these images! Men and women who sat still for a while on The Farm this week and listened to the voice of God deeply penetrating each heart. Catch a glimpse of God’s glory. Life is a progression, always moving forward. New seasons, new relationships…newness each and every day.  The moment we think we have arrived, that our life, work, even character is fine, we become a stagnant pool. I shared with this precious group from Missouri a verse from Ezekiel 1:25 before they began to paint…

And there came a voice from above the expanse over their heads,

when they stood still and lowered their wings.

It is only when we still our hearts, our minds and think not quite so highly of ourselves, that we hear the voice of God. In humility God raises us up. This progression of learning to discern the voice of God, his will, his way for our lives is just that…a progression until we stand before his throne. Let us lower our wings, yet, raise our hands in surrendered praise!

Photographs taken by Christi Taylor Photography



God’s Word tell us without a vision, an inspiration from God, we perish. Has God given you a vision for your life? Hold tightly to it! Don’t stop believing, even if life’s twists and turns, disappointments and challenges mound up on your path. If it is from God, he will make a way where they seems to be absolutely no way. Even if it means waiting, remember, good things are promised to those who wait on God. Let’s choose to lower our wings, for then we will fly.

Have a weekend of fun and rest in Jesus name!




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Prophetic Art…

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Prophetic Art…that is the subject I will be teaching to a missionary training group coming to The Farm tomorrow. When asked, I said yes to do something I have never done before.  Stepping out in faith remembering that God never fails me.

As I sat down seeking direction and revelation knowledge, this is what the Spirit showed me. I am hoping it will inspire you this Monday morning.

For where there is no prophetic vision the people cast off restraint,

but blessed is he who keeps the law.  

Proverbs 29:18

God clearly tells us through this Word that by keeping His Word…by obeying that still small voice, we won’t become like a people discouraged, hopeless and ready to give in to the ways of the world, or our flesh. Remembering that there is another realm, a Spiritual world surrounding us, causes us to be more sensitive to the ways and things of God.

Truth is absolute,but often it takes being still, waiting and closing our eyes and mind to the rush of the natural world whirling around us to allow God to paint his vision on the canvas of our heart. Truth becomes clearer when we simply let go…

The Apostle Paul tells us that we are God’s workmanship, his poem, his creative expression to the world. God created us by breathing His life into our lungs, which naturally inhale and exhale until we die. Rarely do we consider the work our lungs do moment by moment. Creative thought, expressed through all you say and do, can flow with that same creative ease through your life, just as naturally as breathing, but it takes learning to be still. Learning to wait on the Lord. Learning to surrender the paint brush into more capable hands.

While life and breath is still in us, let us breathe beauty and creativity into the lives of those God places in our path.

Art is a form of expression, and you are created supernaturally by a huge God who has surrounded you with angels, and He will rend the Heavens, when necessary, to come down and help you! He created the boundaries for the oceans and causes the tide to ebb and flow, the sun, moon and stars to perform on cue. Think on these things…

Be still and know that I am God.

Psalm 46:10

for good things come to those who wait with expectation!

So with paint brush in hand, we will draw and paint as the Holy Spirit leads.

A blank WHITE canvas….WHITE is the sum of all colors. White indicates purity and holiness. The saints in Heaven adorn WHITE linen robes, dipped in the blood of Jesus.

Though our sins are like SCARLET, surrendering our canvas to Jesus makes us WHTE as snow.

WHITE and RED mixed make PINK. Too often we desire to look through rose-colored glasses, only understanding in part, only committing in part to Him who fully knows.  But God knows our lives are a process. It takes walking through the RED sea to recognize the power of His RED blood. There is a foundation below our feet and covering above our head…what does that mean to you?  What does that look like, prophetically, to you?

Over the last few weeks I have really enjoyed studying the Scriptures that refer to color, shape and movement. Above is just a snippet of the teaching.

My prayer for us this week is


Matthew 5:8

For when we sit still and listen to the Holy Spirit, we take time to let God empty us of all those pinky flesh-staining characteristics, and fill us full to overflowing with pure motives issuing from a clean heart pumping the life and ways of Jesus, his blood, through our lives. As surely as the tide will ebb and flow today, the Spirit’s supernatural ways will ebb and flow through us. Then, we will truly see God… in everything.

What picture does that paint in your life?

In Him we live and move and have our very being…be creative with the beautiful ways and things of God!



p.s.  Do you know the one color in the rainbow that is not mentioned in Scripture?  


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lauren nicole

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Did I tell you Lauren is living with us for the Summer? She left all behind in Miami to take a leap of faith and start her own business. Of course we are thrilled for her to light briefly in the cottage, but Jim and I, along with her Atlanta mom, Cindy, and her husband, Don, could not be happier with Lauren’s business plans. She will be doing what she loves!

Lauren will be opening lauren nicole, a boutique, in downtown DeLand in August.

Her ultimate goal is to have lauren nicole on wheels. How creative! A mobile boutique creating a fun and convenient social shopping environment. It works for the food trucks, so why not? I love when young men and women think outside the box using the gifts and talents God so generously gives.

AND…the fun news for me is that I leave in morning with Lauren on a buying trip to the Atlanta Apparel Market!

Part of the planning process for lauren nicole has been working on the design and space planning for Lauren’s boutique. One of the best ways to create a visual for your space is to take graph paper and scale it out as a floor plan. Just measure the dimensions of your room and scale it out on graph paper. I like to use 1/2″ = 1’0″.  Which means, each square is equal to 6″.  After you scale out the bird’s eye view, then tape a piece of graph paper to each of the sides and draw the elevation. An elevation is simply the vertical view of the wall. Take your lines up from either end of the wall on the floor plan to the measured ceiling height. After you draw your ceiling line, basically you will have drawn a box. You can draw each of the items you have measured out on the floor plan onto the elevation just by extending the lines from your floor plan.

For example: We marked out on the floor plan where the doors and window, along with her hanging racks would be located. Can you see how I just extended those lines up on the elevation creating a picture of the wall. The next part is easy…play paper dolls! Cut your elevations to fit the floor plan and tape the walls together creating a clear visual of your space.


About 5 weeks ago when I received Lauren’s phone call about moving back to the Orlando area, I knew in my spirit that God was up to something. With each passing day, Jim and I see his creative hand on our daughter’s’s so very exciting! He designed Lauren Nicole Richardson with a very good eye for good design, and she has cultivated some savvy business skills over the past 4 years. 

Please keep her in your prayers as she takes a leap of faith to fulfill her dreams. Obedience always brings blessings, and Lauren is following the desire and stirring in her heart, which I believe God graciously planted.

Romans 8:28 is a prayer I continually stand on day by day.

For God works all things together for our good and His glory.

What a privilege to be a part of Lauren’s journey! And as we journey to Atlanta, we plan to take a bit of The Farm with us for family and friends!

Have a wonder-filled week and remember…God is working out everything in your life for your good and His glory! Stand firm on that promise this week as you take that leap of faith!




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We’ve been doing a bit of “lingering” lately, spending Memorial Day weekend here on The Farm with darling friends from NOLA. We gardened, cooked, ate, and pressed the repeat button over and over again! As I have been “lingering” over my sweet memories


Hattie, Bruce, Jim and I took some time to pray for our men and women in uniform who protect our way of life, our freedom. We also shared Memorial Day stories.

When Jim and I lived in Destin, we would go to the Memorial Day Service, where Jim enjoyed thanking our active duty and Military Veterans for their service. Afterward, we went to lunch. One time I remember Jim anonymously paid for a Veteran’s lunch. It was fun to watch this man look around trying to figure out just who might have done such a thing! We could clearly see how special this made him feel. Several months later, we went to that same restaurant. Our server came up to us, remembering what Jim had done, and told us that the Veteran came back the next week and anonymously paid for someone’s lunch…paying the blessing forward!

Our greatest blessings come from being a blessing. We are all connected and the things we do and say greatly impact others. Remember, people watch you. People listen to you. “Linger” over those thoughts this weekend. Another Memorial Day has come and gone, but “linger” over your prayers for our Military. “Linger” with God.

A Resilient Life, a wonderful book by Gordon MacDonald, says resilient people live generous lives, overflow with gratitude, squeeze the past for all its wisdom, open their hearts to the presence of God and VALUE LINGERING.

Lingering means no one is in a hurry and there’s no pressure to make something happen. People are not burdened by expectations of dress, correctness of opinion, or responsibilities for various programs or agendas. When we linger with someone it means we like being together. We really care about each other. No one is in a hurry to get somewhere else. We… just… “linger”.

Yes, there is great value in lingering…with God and others. Life is busy busy, but don’t let that discount the value of lingering this weekend. The Summer season is upon us. Will you take time to linger?

He appointed twelve…that they might be with him.

Mark 3:14


{lingering} Leah


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Iron Girl!

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Just a reminder about THIS and wanted to share a bit of my teaching…




Proverbs 27:17

God wants to accomplish His purposes through your life. He delights in doing the impossible! We look over our lives and the lives of others and see the vastness, the vastness of need. But Jesus encourages us to consider trading the vastness for the daily. When we do, we tend to relax in God’s sovereignty.

Just for today Jesus, just for today.

During this season of life I offer the Lord a blank page in the morning and ask Him to write His will, His ways. Show me “the next right step”.

Jesus entered a village one day and was met by 10 lepers who stood far off crying out for Jesus to have mercy on them and heal them. Jesus told them to go show themselves to the priests and


Jesus told them to “go show” and the Priest would have said “go wash”.  The point being, go do something! And as they were going…as they stepped out in faith and walked that path Jesus required, they were healed.

Sometimes the “do something” is MOVE ON and sometimes it is BE STILL.  But whatever Jesus is asking you to do so He can use you to make a difference in this generation of vast need, take that step of obedience.

Life is a journey of taking one “right step” after the next in obedience. And so often, it is in the AS THEY WERE GOING that our deliverance, our healing takes place.

What obstacles are in your path? What are you holding on to that encumbers your freedom to MOVE or BE STILL? There is a beautiful word in the Bible that can help us, and that word is SIMPLICITY!

The base of the word SIMPLICITY, it’s core, means properly folded together, to twine, braid…it’s about our life in Jesus.

Paul said…Christ, who is my life…  It’s that simple.  Does SIMPLICITY define your home, your heart, your life? 

Come join me Saturday morning for an inspiring, encouraging teaching on living a Beautiful

Life of Simplicity.

Iron sharpening iron…








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super garden!