Finding my bearings

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This morning I received an email from Patsy, a sweet friend who attended several past REPLENISH retreats.  She had forwarded my last post last October to 10 friends inviting them to the fall retreat! Oops, there is no fall retreat! This morning was a reality check that I am still finding my bearing in this NEW SEASON of life!

Never have King Solomon’s words touched my life in such an active way…daily way, moment by moment tangible way.

His wisdom tells us there is a Time For Everything…Ecclesiastes 3:1

For everything there is a season (appropriate time),


a time for every matter (purpose) under heaven:

Seasons… we can expect to experience them, we are encouraged to embrace them remembering not the tyranny of time but the certainty of change. Those changes are God’s way of making everything beautiful, but it is in His timing.

Late fall of 2014, Jim and I completed a small cottage in the back of the garden here at The Farm so my 80-year old parents could come live with us.

A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted.





mom & dad

The Farm is a place of new life and healing, and day by day we have seen a Springtime of new life emerge from a very Wintery season.  Summertime is a time for hard work, but faithful toiling produces a harvest in the fall.

DSC04619 (3)

This summer has been a season of adjusting. A season of being pushed outside of my comfort zone. A season that holds great potential for joy when I embrace it with a fresh commitment to living vitally in the here and now. The past is just that, past. And the future is totally in God’s hands. The only “stuff” of life I can control is how I will respond. How open I am to the Holy Spirit producing an abundance of fruit in my life. An abundance of his love, joy, peace, patience….kindness and self control.

Last fall, right before I moved mom and dad, I completed a beautiful home in Birmingham, Alabama. During construction I stood at the top of the double spiral staircase and thought about just how often I viewed life from the top! Yet far too often I found myself looking down in worry instead of rejoicing that my feet were on high ground. In my heart, I knew that this new season of care taking would be a climb, but as I gazed the chandelier at the peak, I was reminded to keep looking up!  Focus on the main thing, while holding on tight to the railing, the boundaries, the hem of Jesus’ garment.

Psalm 121…I look to the hills from whence my help comes, my help comes from the Lord…  So I ask you, what season are you experiencing? Are you looking up in confidence remembering that you are not alone?  For me, self-sufficiency tired out less than half way up! Thank goodness!



A time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted…

Plucking up self-sufficiency to plant dependency on God alone helps me find my bearings in this new season. I have missed holding the REPLENISH retreats here at The Farm, but God is always up to something new. Taking Replenish on the road, I found myself in Texas twice in January, Mississippi in March and New Jersey in April. All different denominations Replenishing in the one true living God!

By the way, you can truly see forever in Texas!                                                                                                                  


a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted….

New seasons bring newness of relationship plucking up any past issues and planting unity in love. Plucking up means getting at the root of things. Frank, Eva and I have come together by listening to each other, loving each other and putting “self” aside for the good of our parents. I am so blessed by them.                                                                                     



My heart is full and I write you this morning! Your notes, emails and calls wondering why I haven’t blogged means so much to me, especially the emails from those of you who have experienced a season of care taking older parents. Please keep us in your prayers. God is faithful, but new seasons you have never experienced can be scary. Miss “much afraid” here is standing on those 365 FEAR NOTS in Scripture…but knowing you are interceding encourages me immeasurably!

So from, Jim and his 13 milking goats, chickens, french guineas, me and the rest of the family…Thank you!

I love you and hope to blog more often as I find my bearings in this new season of life.



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  1. Friend….I have wondered too, where have you been and how in the world are you??? but never emailed or sent a card or text.
    But you were in my thoughts.

    We finished the season you are just now entering, after caring for Bill’ parents for 7 years. His mom passed in January and we have a new ‘boarder’ downstairs who is a delight.

    Now we have more ‘free’ time (what is that?) to finish the projects we had on hold for all that time.

    It is so good to finally ‘hear’ you…and if you ever do an out of state ‘Replenish’ somewhere, let me know!
    love always.

  2. Julie Gresham says:

    Well hey there! It is january 2, 2017, and I have just started your book, Interior Wisdom’ again-I think this might be the 4th time I have read it. Also I wondered if you still wrote your blog and googled you…so all that to say, your/His words are still fresh, encouraging, and inspirational to me, and I thank you. When you get the chance, I’d love to be updated on your world and your ministry…you have such a gift with words. I pray you are well. Julie Gresham

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