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Posted September 10th, 2014 by Leah and filed in REPLENISH, Word of Encouragement

Last week Lauren and I took a mother-daughter trip to NYC for her 30th birthday and had a blast! She is such fun to be with, and this trip turned out to be no exception!

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Lauren has a great boutique in downtown Orlando, Lauren Nicole, so taking a holiday to the City during Fashion Week called for finding a good spot to people watch. We sat for hours watching Fashion bloggers, designers, well-heeled New Yorkers, models and the like. Although we didn’t have a high-powered lens like the paparazzi, I found myself staring intently…which caused Lauren to continually poke me to “stop”!

I’ve been thinking about how much I love to “observe” {stare} at people and let my mind wander wondering about their “back story”, as my friend Hattie calls someone’s history. Lately I have been reading the Bible this way. The fall REPLENISH at The Farm October 24 & 25 will focus on the beloved story of Mary breaking open her alabaster jar and pouring out everything she had on Jesus.

Have you ever thought about Mary’s “back-story”? Why she would risk everything, surrender completely and worship Jesus in a way that totally disregarded all the people, friends, family and strangers, in the room? Have you ever let everything go, sitting perfectly still under the hand of God forgetting the natural and allowing God to weave His life together with yours…regardless of the circumstances or what “friends” say?

I hope you will join me for Replenish as we stare deep into Mary’s soul…recognizing similarities…discovering what needs to be broken open so our lives can be “filled with the beautiful fragrance”. ¬†As Mary anointed Jesus with all she had, she unwittingly left an eternal legacy.

Jesus said to those at the table…Leave her alone for she has done a beautiful thing to me and this will be her legacy.

Replenish yourself in a beautiful setting with beautiful sisters, together discovering the beauty of pouring out our lives, completely, for Jesus. Besides my teachings, you will hear a personal story from each of the team members, Marcy Boutz, Gail Ratzlaff, Jessie Trigger, Dee Mueller and Laura Hemmerle, relating to Mary’s story. We will eat together, worship together, get creative together, pray together…be REPLENISHED together! For more info on REPLENISH, please click HERE.

Watch for the REPLENISH INVITATION in your inbox and posted on Facebook later this week. I encourage you to take some time to stare into Mary’s soul, and your own, by reading her legacy found in Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-9 and John 12:1-8.

Let us leave nothing unsurrendered, but fearlessly stare into our soul…



4 Responses to “Soul Staring”

  1. Valory Roberts says:

    Love this! Beautiful women with great hearts for Jesus! :)

  2. Leah, I was in New York also during this time 13 years ago…. and remember the paparazzi and models everywhere, especially in Bryant Park.

    Something else memorable about that time, the TwinTowers….

    Love you!

  3. Kathleen says:

    I appreciate your writing and love for the Lord. Hoping to get your book soon. I love the title of it – I’m doing an update on a portion of our home that I thought would be so much fun. The last time I had a home project-1998- my Dad became ill and died. So I thought, well, this time, it will be joyous. Wrong thinking, my mother is now in a nursing home with injuries to boot, from her caregivers. So my attention span isn’t really on the fun things, and it’s hard to make choices, so critical when working with contractor. Which leads me to think, why am I so devastated when my hope really is in Christ. So I love the title of your book and that is my prayer, Father, bless me with your wisdom and help me to take joy in this privilege of making our home nicer. It may sound trite to some, but my hub is a darlin’ man and is so happy to do this and wants me happy with him, when really, I just want to curl up next to my mother and love her until she departs this world. All to say, thank you for sharing :)

  4. Maureen says:

    Love it!

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