Seeing God’s glory in a taxi cab

Posted August 15th, 2014 by Leah and filed in Leah Richardson

Since my flight arrived very early, my clients sent a car to meet me at the airport. During the flight, I pondered my morning devotional, which reminded me that God does not commission us to do anything with insuring our success. He equips us for success. And oftentimes, like Joshua, he allows us to fight the battle, but the outcome is settled in the Heavens before we ever pick up our weapon.

So why do I fear?

This truth should instill such confidence as I traverse perilous paths. The truth the Holy Spirit reminded me of Monday morning was


Even during hard times, sad times, challenging times…good and joyful times, Romans 8:28 is a rock-solid truth.

God works everything in our lives together for our greatest good and his greatest glory!  Honestly, my mind can’t completely comprehend this truth at times, but my heart does.

When we believe God is sovereign, we must know that the outcome is oftentimes different from our expectations and always different from the world’s. Our success looks different from God’s lens. When I truly embrace God’s sovereignty, he produces great peace in my heart…and, in hind-sight, I see his glory.

The taxi driver had an infectious pre-dawn joy! I stepped into his cab and he ask me why I was visiting his beautiful city of Birmingham and about my work. As I briefly shared, always including the sub-title of Interior Wisdom, opening up the conversation about faith, he began sharing his story.

The Bible tells us deep cries out to deep at the roar of God’s waterfalls…and that morning I heard how God grabbed up this precious man in salvation. At the end of his testimony he said something I will remember for a very long time…AND I needed to hear!

He said to me…“Do you Remember when Moses asked God to show him His glory?” The story is in Exodus 33, and God said you can’t see my face but I will cover you and hold you close and after my glory passes by I will remove my hand and allow you to see my back.

“Yes,” I said.

He looked in the rear view mirror at me and said, that is how much of my life has been. I must trust God is covering my life and holding me close. I must trust He knows what he is doing. I must know in my heart that, in hind-sight, he will reveal his glory, ways, purposes in those hard times. I have to walk through the “thing” and then look back and see God.

What an encouragement from my Heavenly Father to trust him! To know He is right there in the most difficult times! Too often I try to make common-sense out of the supernatural! When all God desires is for me to trust him.

One day we will see God face to face, until then, He covers us with his blood offering, Jesus’ life, and holds us close revealing his ways and his glory in his perfect timing. Maybe like me, you need our brother, the taxi driver’s message today for that “thing” you are facing.

have a beautiful weekend,


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  1. What a wise taxi driver! And such a gift of God to you. I am encouraged :-)

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