It is possible…

Posted February 22nd, 2014 by Leah and filed in Word of Encouragement

All things are possible for Him who believes.  

Mark 9:23

This Saturday morning considering…ACTIVE FAITH  versus  PASSIVE FAITH


Active faith believes first, lives like it believes, steps out, steps up! Active faith stands steadfast on a platform, not a tightrope, a rock not a pebble, firm ground not shifting sand. Active faith puts a foot in the water, watching it part and presses onward into the land of giants believing God is bigger.


Sits wondering if only…what if…if you are willing, Lord?…If you can? IF, IF…IF.


GO AHEAD! Let’s exercise our faith today!, Actively stretch out that shriveled hand and grab God’s promise…it is finished! Yes, that promise is for us, even today.

All things are possible for Him who believes.


Passive faith but praises in the light

when sun does shine.

Active faith will praise in the darkest night-

which faith is thine?

…poem selected from Streams in the Desert


it is possible! ACTIVELY believe!




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