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I enjoy watching football, but of course I grew up as a Georgia Bulldog in the SEC! Last Sunday watching a playoff game with Jim, I noticed the army of players on the side lines and my mind wandered off…

Sometimes I feel sidelined. I am dressed, ready and equipped, even seeing where I can make a difference, yet I stand still, remain unmoved for stepping forward into the game feels uncomfortable. That still small voice of the Spirit has not released me to move, go, help, call…write. So I rest, sidelined.

Have you ever been sidelined? Called to step aside for a time? Surrender and acceptance bring revelation, and I have found it is most often for the revelation of rest…needed rest that the ultimate coach makes me lie down in green pastures while He brings restoration to my soul.

During times of rest, forced or willing, do you spend your time replenishing mind, body, soul and spirit or whining, wishing and complaining about not being in the game? Far too many times past the latter applied to me! But I am learning that being briefly sidelined doesn’t mean the game is over. Selah means to pause, not the end. The coach knows every player on his roster…Oh how much more does God know us! Every strand we will tuck in our helmet when our name is called to play our part. When it is our turn.

Recently I received some devastating news about a dear friend whose home burned down over the New Year. Every time I wanted to pick up the phone- sidelined! I’ve learned to be sensitive to the Spirit and listen, so I waited until my name was called, and I called. What sweet and meaningful conversation in His perfect timing! God knows best. He has a plan. Don’t fret away your time on the side line. Let us spend it in even more prayerful preparation for such a time as our name is called.

We have a part in the big game! Stay close to the One who knows and be ready when He calls your name!



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  1. shanna tate says:

    Timely word. Thank you

  2. Leah, I was catching up with PP the other day and asked about you….SO good to hear your voice :-) and I agree–what a timely message. Football is on our minds here in Seattle–looks like we’re going to Super Bowl. Sure love you.

  3. Rhianna says:

    Great post. I opened and read it at the perfect time.

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