Wonderfully REPLENISHED!

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Gail, Dee, Jessi, Marcy, Gina and I, the REPLENISH Team, welcomed 26 beautiful women from around the state of Florida to The Farm for the Fall REPLENISH!  God provided perfect weather! One of the sweetest things I enjoy watching happen…precious sisters becoming new friends! The theme this year surrounded the word “Ornaments” from the 33rd chapter of Exodus.

Here is a little snippet of my teaching…

Remember when Moses and God were up on the mountain crafting the 10 Commandments, the perfect plan to prosper His people in the Promised Land. Tired of waiting the Israelites crafted their own God, an idol from their excess ORNAMENTS. So God decided he would send an angel to guide them into the new land, for he might consume this stiff-necked people if he went with them. They were devastated! They mourned and no one PUT ON THEIR ORNAMENTS. God told them to STRIP themselves of their ORNAMENTS, REMOVE their ORNAMENTS. 

Although this is an ancient story, we too get impatient when asked to wait. We find ourselves cycling in and out of the wilderness with one eye back on Egypt. For too often, we’ve chosen the ORNAMENTS of the world over our relationship with God. Those accessories, temporary bobbles that eventually fade and lose their beauty. Those things that give us a false sense of security, feeble love, distract and even enslave us.

What are some of those ORNAMENTS you wear yourself out desiring…chasing…grabbing at every chance…run after- even it means going back to Egypt?

The Israelites had to choose, and so do we. God’s Presence or all those ORNAMENTS that decorate our exterior. Those ORNAMENTS we cleverly hide behind. Some we are relieved to lay down, some not so much.

ORNAMENTS I challenged the women to consider…Complacency, Self-Salvation, Self-reliance, Self-rejection, Control, Manipulation, Performance. These are all intangibles we park in our heart, but there are tangibles ones to consider like our appearance, address, children’s accomplishments, church work…

Anything that comes before our relationship with Jesus is an idol. And idols put intense, unnecessary pressure on us!

So again, what needs to go? be removed? striped? purged? edited?

We can trust God, for God will never leave us bare, naked or ashamed! He has already covered you with His ORNAMENT of Grace, the ORNAMENT of Heaven, Divinely appointed and custom-designed just for you! The beautiful ORNAMENTS of

God’s REST…Come he says, unto me.

God’s RIGHTEOUSNESS…His beautiful Robe covers you perfectly.

God’s LOYALTY…He is so loyal to us, will we be loyal to Him?

Draw us Lord and we (mind, body, soul and spirit) will run! Trust God to show you what ORNAMENTS to lay aside, and run after God!


The weekend was chocked full of good fellowship, food, worship, teachings and creativity! Gail and Marcy shared personal stories and guided the women in creating ORNAMENTS out of clay. Jessi ushered us into God’s throne room with beautiful songs of praise. The  entire team enjoyed the privilege of loving and serving sisters in the splendor of God’s beauty and holiness! I praise Him for his faithfulness in REPLENISHING us all with His presence.

My Presence will go with you and I will give you rest…peace…success…everything will be o.k.  (Exodus 33:14)  The most beautiful ORNAMENT of all…God’s presence!



























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Blessings sweet friends!




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  1. Leah, this was so beautfiful to read and see. Felt like I (sort of) was there in person.
    What a great word–I never thought about the connection in his message with the word ‘ornaments.’

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