BEAUTY & STRENGTH…In stock and ready to ship

Posted May 23rd, 2013 by Leah and filed in Interior Wisdom

Look at everything, everything you read or see with God in mind…

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Oh Lord, I thank you that you are our strength, the One who creates extraordinary beauty from the ash heap we often sit a top. Your Word is actively working to deliver every precious promise… in stock, available, for we live under an open heaven believing our life and times, our custom design, is unfolding day after day. We abandon every excess, making room, open to receive. Ship it out today Lord! Send out your word and ways into our lives causing us to flourish in your presence. Holy Spirit help us hear that still small voice touching the deepest parts of our soul, where we double over, face to the ground, bowing, knowing, we are helpless but not hopeless when we trust your design completely. Your pure, perfect, simple design…beauty and strength delivered…in stock and ready to ship from Heaven!

Enjoy a simple holiday,




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  1. janey says:

    My Husband and I ran across your book at the Barnes and Noble Store and thoroughly enjoyed reading it! just HAD to buy it as we are in the process of downsizing after 6 children are now on their own:)
    We are building a new home and with the help of your book, our priorities will be right on!!
    Love and blessings!
    Lee and Janey Gust.

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