New way of living…

Posted May 13th, 2013 by Leah and filed in Interior Wisdom, Word of Encouragement

Complete awe. Watching God move in the cool, quiet breezes blowing through The Farm.

Women coming to be REPLENISHED, refilled. To receive from God. Permission to live a new way. Differently from the world’s ways.

In considering a new way of living, desires are quieted with satisfaction.

Grasping, needing, wanting gives way to rest and peace…trust.

Undisturbed confidence that He, God, will lead us beside still waters and restore our souls.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Because the Lord is my Shepherd. He will lead, feed, keep and protect this week if we will follow.

Follow him into an even leaner life, one of simplicity. Simplicity scrutinizes want, brings true need into focus and chooses less. Less holding on, more letting go.

Let go. Release. Summer season is fast approaching. Summer is a season of harvest. Harvesting all the seed planted and watered. Harvesting that which was toiled for and prayed over.

But, is the harvest given so we build a bigger barn? Does that bigger barn secure you from life’s next storm? For Summer brings the storms too.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Simplify. Simplify now. Find misplaced loyalty, true security. King David counted the harvest, what he thought were “his”. We easily forget we are simply the vessel. A vessel pours out after graciously receiving. Waters after being filled.

Simplify. Let go. Let “it” go. God’s faithfulness reaches to the Heavens and stretches a canopy of love and provision over your life…beginning to end, the harvest.

Simplify. Intentionally simplify. Move closer to God’s agenda this week.

Lord, we seek you. as the rain falls from Heaven and you water the earth causing it to flourish and grow, please pour yourself, living water, on our lives bringing beauty and holiness in simple ways. The simple satisfaction and undisturbed joy of knowing we are yours. Teach us, empower us, to live a new way- open, slow, simple and generous…closer to you, closer to Heaven.



Intentional design-intentionally letting go…



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  1. “Intentional design, intentional letting go.”
    Yes…..I am working on that.

  2. Kim Hoegger says:

    Beautiful post Leah. Will you be having a Replenish Retreat in the Fall? I would love to attend. Sounds amazing!

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