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Last weekend I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday with the women of the First United Methodist Church of Winter Park at their retreat in Howey-in-the-Hills. Tucked into the landscape of Central Florida is this beautiful old Spanish-style mission redesigned into a first-class resort and spa. Not your typical venue for a women’s retreat, which was quite a beautiful treat!



My friend Hattie, from New Orleans, and my new friend Marilyn, from Denver, were visiting The Farm for the weekend and helped me with the book signing table. Hattie and I had been working through Jennie Allen’s Bible study CHASE, by telephone, but during her visit, we finished up the last chapter and I have been reviewing my notes.

In my journal, I write, “Teach me what ‘truly beautiful’ means to you God.”

I don’t want to stand one day before the living God who created me only to realize I had wandered off-path in my sincere pursuit to please Him. I don’t want God to say that I missed the point! Which means I must wake every morning and remember that all the invisible stuff is very real. God is invisible, but very, very real.

As an interior designer, I design because I desire to impact the interior of your home. Like God, the grand designer, who desires to impact our interior, our heart life. In thinking through this, I am reminded of the rich, young ruler in the Bible. He followed all the 10 commandments and lived an honorable life, but when Jesus told him to sell all his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor, the Bible states “he went away very sorrowful for he had many possessions.” Please Lord don’t let that be me! That’s all we know of the young ruler. His legacy ended there. Unlike the disciples who chose to obey and follow God, giving it all away for the Kingdom. They turned the world upside down and we, today, right now, are still talking about their beautiful legacy.

“Teach me what truly beautiful means to you God.”

When God fills the interior, when God is our interior designer and we allow Him to edit, rearrange our heart, our priorities, our life, our day, something very¬†beautiful happens. An earthbound caterpillar is transformed into a free flying butterfly. I clearly remember closing the door and walking away from my first completed interior, the one in which I asked God to be the lead designer and me the assistant. Walking to my car I cried like a baby. Of course I was exhausted, but it was more than that. It was such a beautiful, finished interior and I knew deep within that I had not designed it…alone. God used me in a way that forever rocked my world and the ripple effect has been tremendous.

We can choose to build our design, our life on the things that are temporary, the fleeting things that move and change like our address, bank account, accomplishments, social status or appearance. Or, we can build our lives, our true identity, on God. A beautiful God whose beautiful character does not change. A God, who is unconditional love and has designed a floor plan that beautifully fits our lives.

Psalm 24:3-4 is the scripture that inspired my book, INTERIOR WISDOM. It continually reminds me of the truly beautiful. GOD.

By wisdom a house is built.

By understanding it is established;

and through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.


Have a beautiful weekend and ask God what a truly beautiful interior looks like for you!



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  1. The most beautiful thing about this post, besides the photos, Leah, are your words. Always pointing to Jesus.
    I love you!

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