Everyone has a beautiful house in them

Posted February 11th, 2013 by Leah and filed in Interior Wisdom, Word of Encouragement

Today I received my renewal for House Beautiful magazine. Tucked in the bill was a bookmark…Everyone has a beautiful house in them!


It’s true and I just love this thought. Everyone has a beautiful house in them! You never know where you will find inspiration. This morning in prayer I asked the Holy Spirit to give me the theme for a women’s retreat next month on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, where I will be speaking. And out fell this bookmark a couple of hours later!

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL…everyone has a beautiful house in them

Once we believe this, God starts rearranging our interiors to reflect His design.

The Lord promises

I will beautiful my beautiful house. {Isaiah 60:7}

I will beautify the place of my sanctuary. {Isaiah 60:13}

And our heart is that house, his sanctuary. I encourage you to consider that

everyone {that’s you} has a beautiful house in them!

And creating that beauty starts with the powerful presence of God in our homes and lives. When God moves in, everything changes. Beauty is no longer beautiful for the sake of beauty, but beauty has meaning and purpose. Our lives become living pinterest boards for all who are searching. And believe me, people are watching and listening to you my friend, for we all crave authenticity. Something real and something of real beauty, which overflows from the heart, the heart occupied by Jesus.

Everyone has a beautiful house in them!

A dear friend of mine shared a way God is creating a beautiful house within her. In the past, she would write her prayers in a journal to help keep her mind from wandering, but recently she framed a bulletin board she covered in linen and fills it with pictures of her family and friends. Her coffee pot is in her laundry room and each morning she walks in with a beautiful reminder to pray. She places her hands on the pictures and she prays…creating a beautiful house within.

Isn’t this a wonderfully creative and beautiful way to remind yourself to pray! I truly love this idea and plan to incorporate it into my beautiful house within.



Speaking of praying, please keep me and my dear friend Gail in your prayers as we venture to Mexico Friday on a mission trip to minister to the Mayan people. We are both very excited for the opportunity to share with the women of that culture that they, too,

have a beautiful house in them when Jesus moves in!

If you are reading this, know that I have put my petite hand on my computer and asked the Lord to bless you, for He hears every prayer…from the faintest whisper to the most desperate cry. I pray for you with confidence remembering that God takes all the broken things in our lives, including the clutter, mess and the chaos, and makes it all new and beautiful.

everyone has a beautiful house in them!







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