Wise Men

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Last Sunday, Jim and I enjoyed driving over to New Smyrna Beach, to glean some New-Year knowledge from our dear friend Jim Spencer, Rector of St. Peter the Fisherman. For years I sat in a pew in Ft. Walton Beach listening to life-changing words spill from Jim Spencer’s mouth. His passion for Jesus is contagious! He is “real” and we just love that he wears docksiders with no socks under that robe!!

The reading that morning was the story of the Three Kings venturing out to follow the star. Highlights and points I remember about “Following our passion and growing in wisdom” are this-

The three wise men followed their passion, and went out not knowing where they were going or what they were going to find, exactly. They went with joy and great expectation taking costly gifts out of their own treasure. They listened to that still small inner voice, whether giving direction or warning. Wisdom quite often means pausing to ask for directions. They arrived in Jerusalem and asked for directions, yet in wisdom, they went home by another route. Wisdom, if we will listen to her, imparts direction, guidance and discernment.

God used the wise men. Mary and Joseph were Jewish, and would not normally accept gifts from a foreigner. But they did, and the gold given most likely financed the couple’s trip to Egypt. The provision came from an unexpected source! Joseph was warned in a dream that Herod was planning harm. Now, Joseph had the means to pack up his family and move them out of harm’s way. God can use anyone in our lives. That is worth repeating, God can, will and does use any and everyone in our lives. Are we listening? If it’s God’s plan, let’s wisely receive from that unexpected source, that someone different from ourselves? I had never really thought about this aspect of Mary and Joseph’s story. But we see throughout the Bible God using unlikely candidates like King Cyrus, Pharaoh and Rahab, to accomplish his plans and purposes.

Notes to self:

1. God can use “wise men” in my life to bring provision, even to finance my passion. To move me in the direction He has planned.

2. Listen with my heart, ask God for wisdom when an unlikely opportunity presents itself. And heed any warnings too. God may have planned from the foundation of the earth to use this or that to bring His plans to fruition.

3. Don’t travel this journey of life alone. Seek out others with a similar passion, for each gift is needed and important. Then be generous with my gifts, for the provision comes from God alone.


Lord God, please lavish your wisdom on us! Forgive us when we have made poor decisions and jumped ahead without inquiring or listening. Help us to listen to the Holy Spirit and seek your wisdom. Show us the “wise men” in our lives so we don’t travel alone. And above all, teach us to be like you, generous!

If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives it generously without reproach, and it will be given to him. James 1:5

Lord teach me your ways, show me your paths and guide me in your faithfulness… Psalm 25:4


What’s your passion? ┬áCouple it with God’s wisdom, and expect great things bringing great joy!





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