Lots of Christmas Creativity

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Hi Friends! Be inspired!

A couple of weeks ago I spoke in Alpharetta, Georgia for the First Baptist Church women’s ministry event- A Festival of Holidays.  Look at these beautiful tables!

A Classic Christmas.

A Thanksgiving inspired table with shucked corn in the glass hurricanes.

Table after table carefully and thoughtfully decorated.

What a jolly fun table!

Simple elegance

What an amazing group of women! I was so honored to be with them!

Melody Dowdy recently moved from DeLand, and her “time” inspired New Year’s table was one of my favorites. I love the burlap covered chairs with the handmade clocks.

What a great idea to use our silver trays as chargers. Great salad too!

Wouldn’t this be a beautiful way to ring in the New Year!

My good friend Hattie drove over from New Orleans to help me with the book signing table. Hattie makes any event fun!

Thank you Alpharetta Baptist Church for such a wonderful evening!

Back at The Farm, Jim and I put up our Christmas tree last weekend. This year it graces the big window in the Living Room…so classic!

Mom and I made some simple ornaments-a fun project to do with your friends or kids. Gold wire with little pearl beads and a larger wood bead made to look like a butterfly angel.

More organic… an angel with a driftwood body, walnut head, clove halo, moss collar and chicken feathers {compliments of Jim’s Girls} for the wings.

Little pearl and gold bead crosses woven on florist wire.

The fish shape would be easy for young children.

Here’s an angel with an oyster shell body, wood bead head with wire wings and halo. Mom and I always have such fun getting creative together.

Instead of the classic red and green, this year I purchased 2 large cans of antique gold spray paint and created easy elegance with a monochromatic theme. While in Georgia, I picked up acorns and twigs with small pinecones still attached. In the past, I used the garland of gold leaves as a wreath. It’s a very versatile decoration to own.

Last year I placed the colored balls in a big glass bowl, but this year they adorn a silver tray of decanters. The sunlight streams over them during the day- just beautiful! Use your classic decorations in creative new ways to give you a new look for the season.

The reflective quality of glass and mirror, especially mercury and colored glass, ping light and shadow around the room.

My friend Gail and I took time out last week to get creative. We made angels with non-bake clay. We call these our “Only God can Love” series! Do you have someone you can decorate, bake, get creative with? I encourage you to call them and get together. Gail and I have some wonderful memories and you can see that we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Pecan shortbread and egg nog…a yummy treat to have on hand to serve your family and friends! The recipe is from Ina Garten’s The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.  Very simple and very good, especially when you use Georgia pecans!

Back to decorating…These iron urns have been a great investment. I use them continually. During Thanksgiving I designed a graduated pumpkin topiary with magnolia leaves in between. For Christmas, I took tall styrofoam cones and covered them with large leaves. I gathered the newly fallen ones, which were less dried out and easier to work with after spray painting. I love the pearl-headed pin heads holding the leaves and acorn tops. The white wire beaded wreath-like shape around the base of the cone was one large wreath, which I cut to make 2 smaller ones. More pinecones and a large wood snowflake on top, all spray painted.  You can find the spray paint, styrofoam forms, snowflake cut outs and pins at Michaels. Your yard will yield the rest! If you don’t have any urns, use terra cotta pots, and spay paint them too!


This is a precious book to place bedside for your Christmas guests.

I hang the family’s silver baby cups and bowls on the Christmas Tree, which is a beautiful reminder of those we love. Silver also reflects light beautifully.



Merry Christmas and God Bless you in creative and amazing ways!


p.s…I look forward to being with the women of All Saint’s Episcopal Church in Winter Park on Thursday. God has given me a beautiful and creative word for them. Then next week, 32 women will grace The Farm for the REPLENISH Christmas Gathering. We will take lots of pictures to share with you.


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  1. Debbie says:

    What a beautiful blog to put us all in the spirit of Christmas. I am so thankful to you Leah, for always providing great inspiration all for Gods glory. I always look for your posts and am so glad to have a ‘sister in Christ’ even though the miles are between us! Debbie

  2. Rhianna says:

    I love the ornaments that you made with wire and pearls- very pretty.

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