Beauty & Strength

Posted November 13th, 2012 by Leah and filed in Word of Encouragement

Good morning Friends!

For the past several weeks I have been pondering BEAUTY & STRENGTH.

Driving up to South Georgia to visit my folks and see how they are doing in their new retirement apartment, I found myself surrounded by a sea of white cotton fields for miles and miles.  My mind wandered back to images before machinery, images of strong men and women out in the fields gathering the harvest…doing what their hands found to do, hard work, desiring to honor God. The beauty of creation partnering with the strength of man. BEAUTY & STRENGTH.

I am enjoying watching our daughter Lauren, now a small business owner, make thoughtful and wise decisions. Her boutique, Lauren Nicole, will host the First Annual Holiday Fashion Show in DeLand on Thursday, benefitting Toys for Tots. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her kind ways and words attract other business owners to get involved.  BEAUTY & STRENGTH.

Jim, Lauren and I, along with his precious cousin Cindy and her husband, Charlie, spent the day in St. Augustine recently to celebrate Jim’s birthday. Family. I love to observe, to watch my family interact, sharing stories, laughing, eating, leisurely strolling along ancient streets.

BEAUTY & STRENGTH in union, in the family.

Speaking of the family, since we are unsure of Mr. Rudy’s birthday, he shares Jim’s. The BEAUTY & STRENGTH of our farm dog! {humor me}

Last week, I spent some time preparing for the Replenish Christmas Luncheon with Marcy. We made these clay crosses as a gift for the women attending. As I took them up to my studio and laid them all out on the table, the Holy Spirit whispered BEAUTY & STRENGTH. The beauty of what Jesus chose to do for me, for you, and the strength His grace gives me to live each day, remembering that I am apart of something much bigger than myself. The BEAUTY & STRENGTH of my faith has a ripple effect, for everyone and everything is connected.

Tomorrow I leave again. This time to drive up to Atlanta to share a message of BEAUTY & STRENGTH at the Festival of Holidays, hosted by the First Baptist Church of Alpharetta. As an interior designer, my role is to make things beautiful. But true beauty, authentic beauty reaches past my human design to the power and presence of God in our lives. As women of God, we have a hidden BEAUTY and an inner STRENGTH that God alone creates. Only our God can build this type of lasting BEAUTY & STRENGTH in our hearts, which spills over to our homes, our work, our relationships…every area of our lives.

Look around you. Look for the BEAUTY and find your STRENGTH in the One who thinks you are an amazing woman…BEAUTIFUL & STRONG! Let the BEAUTY & STRENGTH of our Lord be so ingrained in your thoughts and actions, so much a part of your life, you seemed clothed in BEAUTY & STENGTH.

Strength and dignity are her clothing,

and she laughs at the time to come.

 Proverbs 31:25



p.s.  Want to know more about the Replenish Christmas Luncheon at The Farm? Click HERE





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