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What a wonderfully REPLENISHING weekend! Jessi, Gail, Marcy, Dorothy and I were so honored to love and serve our sisters in Christ. The weekend was about TRUSTING GOD {completely}, THANKING GOD {for everything} and THINKING LESS {living in Spirit}. The Lord showed up in an amazingly sweet yet powerful way as we learned how to balance our lives in His power and grace. In the end, we surrendered it all… A sister from North Carolina, whom I have never met, sent REPLENISHING spa packages for the women’s Barnabas bags. She stepped out in obedience to that still small voice and we were delighted and blessed!


Friday night after a dinner of Jim’s delicious gumbo and freshly baked french bread, we enjoyed coconut and chocolate ganache cupcakes.

Friday night after a dinner of Jim’s delicious gumbo and freshly baked french bread, we enjoyed coconut and chocolate ganache cupcakes.

Jim’s girls enjoyed lots of attention! The women enjoyed fresh boiled eggs with their breakfast.

Marcy serving chicken and pasta salad for lunch.


One of the women taking a moment to write a note and put in another sister’s WORDS OF LIFE bucket. New sisters encouraging each other in the Lord…He is smiling!

Using a garden glove as an illustration of allowing the Holy Spirit to fill our lives and then use us to create beauty or dig up the junk buried deep, Marcy inspired us all.

The art project was such fun, and the women made some really beautiful and meaningful collages that can be used as a Christmas ornament or accessory in their home. Gail’s encouraging word on how we all are creative and creativity is a way to worship the Lord, turned fear to joy and confidence! I loved watching the women let go and get creative!



We ended with a teaching about gently leaning on the Holy Spirit instead of our own understanding. When we walk in the Spirit, we surrender our rights, our ways…we surrender all.

Surrendering to the God of all hope, beauty and glory!

What a beautiful group of women graced REPLENISH at The Farm!

Yes, when Jesus sets us free…we are free indeed!!


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  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! So bummed I could not join y’all for the 2nd Replenish!! What a special and wonderful time to be filled with the love of God!

  2. Sharon tellez says:

    This retreat was the best. Thanks to all who welcomed me. I truely got ministered to.

  3. Lisa curtis says:

    Someday God will make a way for me to get to a Replenish. Until then, May God continue to use you for His glory!!! With much adoration through technology,

  4. Jody Collins says:

    Leah–what joy–oh, God is good! So blessed for ya’ll to see how He brought all the parts together. The last photo of burying the lies or whatever in the ground….so powerful.
    I am so happy for what God has begun.

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