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As I prepare for REPLENISH, and pray for the women coming, my mind wanders over the pages of Scripture showcasing women. Women who overcame obstacles and struggles. Women whose lives were completely transformed just because they decided to BELIEVE GOD. Forsaking, leaving behind old mindsets of hopelessness and helplessness, worry, wonder, people-pleasing and on and on…throwing all their beautiful and broken eggs into one basket labeled FAITH. Their new path, new life, restored hope began by INTENTIONALLY BELIEVING GOD. They were DELIBERATE in their FAITH.

There was a woman who had bled for 12 years. She spent every dime on doctors who offered no cure. She had heard about Jesus, but going out into the square to see him meant risking everything. What if someone recognized her in public. Jesus was worth the risk and and as she intentionally pushed her way through the crowd, determined, believing He was her cure, she kept saying to herself…if I could just touch him. One touch and I believe he will change my life, change me…heal me.

Martha was worn out! She was in her kitchen preparing dinner for family and friends alone, just mumbling and grumbling, forgetful of Jesus’ presence. He was right there, mere feet from her, yet she was not satisfied. Really, she was never satisfied with her way-to-busy life. Her child-like plea for help caused every head to turn and stare. Please ask my sister to help me she begged. Jesus reached out to Martha and gave her words of life. He spoke directly, intentionally to her heart about what was truly important to him, for Jesus knew that Martha longed to please him, but she was stuck.

Women loved to go down to the river and worship God together. They sang and ate and shared stories week after week. One day Paul, a missionary who had come to their town, went down to the river to share the sweet news about the Savior, Jesus. Something in the local interior designer’s heart split wide open that morning and Lydia believed, she truly believed.For the first time she felt close to Heaven. So close she decided to be baptised, her household too. Her open heart was intent on hosting Paul and his friends. She became deliberate on opening her heart and her home…

Only 3 of so many examples of what God can do in our lives, if we will decide to really BELIEVE him. The planet is unraveling around us, but our world can be different if we will DELIBERATELY, INTENTIONALLY BELIEVE GOD…for he already thinks you are amazing!

Be DELIBERATE...gently deliberate leaning on God for everything, yes everything. How? One way- Don’t let a day go by without being DELIBERATE about BEING STILL. BEING STILL focuses our mind and heart on the ways and things of God. As our day unfolds, and we are presented with numerous choices, the Holy Spirit will remind us what we know to be true. He will remind us to capture each thought and DELIBERATELY choose to be like Jesus. Heaven is a bit closer when we walk each day gently DELIBERATELY leaning on God.

This is a partial teaching for the Oct. REPLENISH about  BEING DELIBERATE in our FAITH

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Have a wonderful weekend…a hint of Fall is in the air here in Central Florida!


leah   {read the rest of the story about these 3 women- Luke 8:43-50,Luke 10:38-42, Acts 16: 11-15}


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  1. Jody Collins says:

    such great illustrations, friend. You have a great gift to share with women–I’ll be praying for your event.

    ( I’m reading ‘Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World’ soon….looking forward to that.)

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