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What good is our FAITH in God if it does not take a concrete form in our lives?

True FAITH require feet!  Feet that walk day by day in the ways and things of God.

How you say?  God says that by …

His divine power he has granted, even promised, us who believe all things that pertain to

life and godliness.

So, for this very reason, we should make every effort, today, to supplement (add or augment) our

faith with virtue (behavior displaying high moral standards)

virtue with knowledge (knowing truth)

knowledge with self-control (ability to control our actions/emotions)

self-control with steadfastness (unwavering, unmoved by circumstances)

steadfastness with godliness (Godly actions)

godliness with brother affection (kindness in word and deed)

brother affection with love (sincere, from the heart)

God says that if we choose to let our FAITH take a concrete, definite form, in our lives today, that the above qualities will just keep increasing, keeping us from being ineffective and unfruitful.

For if we practice these qualities, we will never fall!  (all thoughts from 2Peter 1:3-11)

Let’s be diligent, even today, in our FAITH so we won’t fall. BUT watch carefully with joyful expectation, for Heaven’s doors will open wide! God honors those who honor him!



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  1. Debbie says:

    This is so true Leah! Our bible study group is working on Beth Moore’s Fruit’s of the Spirit study. And todays lesson was all about faith. Isn’t is wonderful how God gives us just what we need at just the right time? Keep talking, I’m listening! It’s so great to have this kind of support through out my work day!

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