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Did I tell you Lauren is living with us for the Summer? She left all behind in Miami to take a leap of faith and start her own business. Of course we are thrilled for her to light briefly in the cottage, but Jim and I, along with her Atlanta mom, Cindy, and her husband, Don, could not be happier with Lauren’s business plans. She will be doing what she loves!

Lauren will be opening lauren nicole, a boutique, in downtown DeLand in August.

Her ultimate goal is to have lauren nicole on wheels. How creative! A mobile boutique creating a fun and convenient social shopping environment. It works for the food trucks, so why not? I love when young men and women think outside the box using the gifts and talents God so generously gives.

AND…the fun news for me is that I leave in morning with Lauren on a buying trip to the Atlanta Apparel Market!

Part of the planning process for lauren nicole has been working on the design and space planning for Lauren’s boutique. One of the best ways to create a visual for your space is to take graph paper and scale it out as a floor plan. Just measure the dimensions of your room and scale it out on graph paper. I like to use 1/2″ = 1’0″.  Which means, each square is equal to 6″.  After you scale out the bird’s eye view, then tape a piece of graph paper to each of the sides and draw the elevation. An elevation is simply the vertical view of the wall. Take your lines up from either end of the wall on the floor plan to the measured ceiling height. After you draw your ceiling line, basically you will have drawn a box. You can draw each of the items you have measured out on the floor plan onto the elevation just by extending the lines from your floor plan.

For example: We marked out on the floor plan where the doors and window, along with her hanging racks would be located. Can you see how I just extended those lines up on the elevation creating a picture of the wall. The next part is easy…play paper dolls! Cut your elevations to fit the floor plan and tape the walls together creating a clear visual of your space.


About 5 weeks ago when I received Lauren’s phone call about moving back to the Orlando area, I knew in my spirit that God was up to something. With each passing day, Jim and I see his creative hand on our daughter’s’s so very exciting! He designed Lauren Nicole Richardson with a very good eye for good design, and she has cultivated some savvy business skills over the past 4 years. 

Please keep her in your prayers as she takes a leap of faith to fulfill her dreams. Obedience always brings blessings, and Lauren is following the desire and stirring in her heart, which I believe God graciously planted.

Romans 8:28 is a prayer I continually stand on day by day.

For God works all things together for our good and His glory.

What a privilege to be a part of Lauren’s journey! And as we journey to Atlanta, we plan to take a bit of The Farm with us for family and friends!

Have a wonder-filled week and remember…God is working out everything in your life for your good and His glory! Stand firm on that promise this week as you take that leap of faith!



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  1. Jody Collins says:

    Rejoicing with you in this new adventure for a ‘fruitful’ life ahead–Lauren-wise and garden wise :-)

  2. Rhianna says:

    Wow! That is such exciting news! I wish Lauren the best of luck in this new adventure!

  3. Libby Thompson says:

    I see a future road trip ahead….snow balls and shopping!
    God bless your plans.

  4. Valory says:

    All things happen on God’s timing. And his timing is perfection! I am surely blessed to know such wonderful and talented people!

  5. Dermott says:

    This is the start of something big, for sure. The location is perfect; there is a ton of pedestrian traffic from Stetson; and she obviously knows how to market herself.

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