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We’ve been doing a bit of “lingering” lately, spending Memorial Day weekend here on The Farm with darling friends from NOLA. We gardened, cooked, ate, and pressed the repeat button over and over again! As I have been “lingering” over my sweet memories


Hattie, Bruce, Jim and I took some time to pray for our men and women in uniform who protect our way of life, our freedom. We also shared Memorial Day stories.

When Jim and I lived in Destin, we would go to the Memorial Day Service, where Jim enjoyed thanking our active duty and Military Veterans for their service. Afterward, we went to lunch. One time I remember Jim anonymously paid for a Veteran’s lunch. It was fun to watch this man look around trying to figure out just who might have done such a thing! We could clearly see how special this made him feel. Several months later, we went to that same restaurant. Our server came up to us, remembering what Jim had done, and told us that the Veteran came back the next week and anonymously paid for someone’s lunch…paying the blessing forward!

Our greatest blessings come from being a blessing. We are all connected and the things we do and say greatly impact others. Remember, people watch you. People listen to you. “Linger” over those thoughts this weekend. Another Memorial Day has come and gone, but “linger” over your prayers for our Military. “Linger” with God.

A Resilient Life, a wonderful book by Gordon MacDonald, says resilient people live generous lives, overflow with gratitude, squeeze the past for all its wisdom, open their hearts to the presence of God and VALUE LINGERING.

Lingering means no one is in a hurry and there’s no pressure to make something happen. People are not burdened by expectations of dress, correctness of opinion, or responsibilities for various programs or agendas. When we linger with someone it means we like being together. We really care about each other. No one is in a hurry to get somewhere else. We… just… “linger”.

Yes, there is great value in lingering…with God and others. Life is busy busy, but don’t let that discount the value of lingering this weekend. The Summer season is upon us. Will you take time to linger?

He appointed twelve…that they might be with him.

Mark 3:14


{lingering} Leah

2 Responses to “Lingering”

  1. Jody Collins says:

    this is my daughter in law Courtney’s frequent refrain when we have a chance to have a meal together. Can’t you linger at the table?
    Good reminder, my friend as we head into summer.
    love you.

  2. Jill Junek says:

    My friend Holly Mathis put me on to your blog, and I can’t begin to count the number of times it has spoken directly into what was going on in my life. I felt like I had experienced yet another “kiss” from my Papa as I read “Lingering.”

    In April, I wrote in my journal about getting free from the negative force the word “linger” has held on me for most of my life. Now it seems like every blog or author I follow has mentioned the word “linger,” but your blog was an “over the top” reminder for me to linger in this place of living loved instead of living in fear. Thanks so much.

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