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When I was fired from “Corporate America” years ago, I was devastated. Emotions of anger, frustration, revenge…all that junk that does nothing but eat holes in our soul rumbled through my head UNTIL Jim {whom I had been married to just 4 short weeks} came home that Friday evening. He offered to send me back to college to get a degree in Interior Design.  Somewhere deep within I knew he was right. Corporate America was not a good fit for the natural gifts and talents the Lord had so generously given me. I really didn’t enjoy my work and this opened a door for change.

During that time, I read the book Do What You Love and the Money will Come by author Marsha Sintar. It is all about finding the right livelihood. I highly recommend this book. As graduation draws near, you might want to consider gifting it. Like me, Marsha longed for her life and work to count…she longed for change. This book is the result of her “leap of faith”, as she says.

Earlier this week, I moved my Studio to the attic so I can spread out and have more room to work. The view is fabulous too!

The internet was spotty up here, so I called my provider for help. While the technician was working, he mentioned that his real love was photography…BUT {I hear this a lot!} He couldn’t make a living doing it. I shared with him how God gave him his gift and talent to use and to share… and in doing so he brings glory to God. 

What natural gift, talent, love has the Lord planted in you?

When you recognize these and resist listening to what the world tells you that “you should” be doing, you will find great fulfillment in using your gift as your work. Ask God, for he gave you these gifts and he will show you how to integrate them into your work, until they are your work.

Do you love what you do? Take a leap of faith…

I mentioned a couple of posts ago that I was hosted by my friend Hattie while recently working in New Orleans. She was reading a book about our work being our ministry…no division!  Have you thought about that? Whatever we do, our work can count for God.

One more book I would like to mention as a great graduation gift, Hope for the Flowers by Trina Paulus. It is also one of those books that encouraged me to take a leap of faith…step out of what everyone expected of me and do what the Lord Jesus called me to do.

Back to Hattie.  She mentioned to me that if I ever saw anything for the center of her dining room table please let her know. Walking down Magazine St. with another client, I glanced over and there was this piece of pottery I knew would be perfect. I took a picture with my iphone and sent it to Hattie…

She went in to see it…

and it looks wonderful on her dining room table!

Use your gift. Do what you love. God will provide.

Have a wonderful weekend and THANK YOU to my sweet designer friend, Stacy Naquin, in Baton Rouge for the shout out on her blog.



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  1. Regina Parker says:

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful and inspirational story!! I truly received and appreciated. As myself, I’m not sure what to do with my life. I know what I like to do..but..I’ve been a stay at home mom for thirteen yrs. I love interior design and photography. For me, I’m nervous about taking a leap of faith and afraid of not making it. I trust God in everything!! I don’t have the esteem or confidence in myself. I wish I did. Too afraid of failing! I will be starting classes in the fall at KSU and we will see. Please keep me in your prayers! Thank you for time.


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