“Quiet” on my blog…

Posted April 1st, 2012 by Leah and filed in Leah Richardson

Hello sweet friends!  Well…only 6 of the last 39 days have Jim and I been “home alone”! Life breeds life!

Jesus’ life in us breeds abundance in every way in every day life.

Writing only what I hear, I took some needed time for Him to write upon my heart before I picked up my pen again. When we pour out and pour out, we must take time to be still and be filled once again. My “human” nature prospers you none, but, I pray, my “vessel” nature builds you up immensely!

That’s how my Blog URL got the name Creative Overflow! The Word tells us that out of the overflow of the heart our mouth speaks.

My CREATIVE OVERFLOW only blesses when it’s written from a heart full to overflowing with the love of Christ Jesus.

Maybe you can relate. When work, friends, family, ministry are all calling your name requesting something, we can find ourselves depleted unless we take time to be quiet, still and ask the Holy Spirit to REPLENISH us…fill us full to overflowing, top off until rejoicing abounds!

So, I have been puttering {one of my favorite things to do} around the house and The Farm catching up, taking walks, spending time outside, weeding the garden…you know, puttering.

A friend of mine who attended Replenish said, “It’s easy to see how the Farmer is so close to God.” I agree. The more I putter around outside, the more I see God’s hand in the beauty of creation around me.

In April, I plan to write about these beautiful spiritual metaphors that relate to dwelling in the land, which remind us to dwell in His presence.

Lessons we can learn from

The Coop…The Garden…The Grove…The Swing…The Lake…

THANK YOU for your patience and prayers.  I love love love encouraging you and sharing my life with you! Although the suitcase is out again, I am REPLENISHED and bubbling over with desire to point to the ways and Words of the Lord!

Hosanna! Wave your arms in victory today, for Jesus entered the city knowing that He would accomplish everything you need to live an abundant, victorious life in the everyday beauty and holiness of our Lord!



3 Responses to ““Quiet” on my blog…”

  1. Lisa Curtis says:

    Ahhhhh, Hosanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Jody Collins says:

    my friend….I knew you were quiet with good reason. Cannot wait to read what the Father pours out of you!

  3. Bud Blubaugh says:

    AND……………….in your travels, if it takes you near the Mountain, Ken & I would love to see you guys. All the best!

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