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It’s been one week since REPLENISH, and my heart is still full! I wanted to share some inspiring notes and emails with you and let you know there will be more!  We all want the MORE that God offers!  My plan is to release dates for the next REPLENISH in late April.


It was a fabulous retreat. I loved every second of it! amazing experience.  My favorite part is hard to pin down, but I thought the art was a really creative way to worship God.

I just wanted to share with you some of the overflow REPLENISH brought to my life. For starters, my prayer partner was awesome. She had amazing advice to share with me and has already been in contact with me, love her! I also have begun to pray out loud more often. I have always been a silent prayer (other than with my kids), but after last weekend decided to give out loud a shot. My kids are noticing and I can tell how much they enjoy hearing me talk to God. They have started to put in prayer requests with me. It’s really sweet! Another impact on my life is the addition of morning quiet time with our Lord. This has been the most challenging. I am still reading my Bible at night before bed, and now doing a devotional in the morning too. There have been many obstacles, such as daylight savings! Could I have picked a worse week to get up early? None the less, I feel it is a true test of my commitment and I refuse to let him down. Peace has taken a stronger presence in my life and I am welcoming it with open arms!


Thank you so much! I can’t begin to express how “replenished” I was when I left the farm on Saturday, but in addition, I am also now focused on finding the time each morning to spend with God. This has always been my struggle, to be consistent, and you have given me courage to move forward.


How sad my heart is because I had to leave friends that I feel like I have always known…I feel that I left a little piece of my heart behind. The past few days, my thoughts and heart will drift to the faces of all the women…it has just been wonderful to be able to continue to pray for each of you and THANK MY LORD for guiding my steps to the most amazing weekend I have ever had (besides the weekend I met my husband!!!)

But how REPLENISHED my heart is because of each of you!!!!!!

I can not wait to get the email list; I hope to stay in touch with my prayer partner. I have never met anyone like her and in the 15 minutes or so that we shared I feel sealed to her for eternity!!! She is amazing!


I was so blessed by the sincere hearts of the ladies who came, the refreshing environment, the delicious food, and the thoughtful details like our gift bags and encouragement bags. I deeply resonate with your heart to know God “in the beauty of holiness” and to reflect that aspect of Him in your life and work. As artists, I think we have an opportunity to experience God’s creative heart in a special way, and I thought it was so powerful how the art of your home, the art of music, the art of painting, the art of food, and the art of speaking God’s Word all came together.


I wanted to share again how very blessed I was to attend Replenish on Saturday. What precious sisters gathered in His Name!! It was a treasure to get to know each one. Each session was rich with His life words.


Our Pastor yesterday (Sunday) described the early church in Acts 2:42-47 LIFE TOGETHER…and it reminded me of my Friday and Saturday.

What does life together look like?

1. Devoted to teaching…thanks so much to you and the leaders for sharing the truth of the Word!

2.  Devoted to close fellowship…It is so funny how people I would’ve never met or if I did would have never talked past level one of “how do you do”- I was in your barn with my prayer partner who was crying out to God about her sweet desire to serve her family! We have texted each other 3 times so far!!  Sometimes devoted to fellowship doesn’t just happen so thank you so much for all your efforts to break up the fallow ground that we may Repenish!

3. Devoted to breaking of bread…Thank you for the Biblical mandate that we eat a LOT of SCRUMPTIOUS FOOD!!

4. Devoted to Prayer…Aware that the Holy Spirit was present…Awe came to every soul…Spirit filled unity. Precious and rare…beyond ‘keeping appearances’.

He closed with this comment: “Imagine people coming together observing Spirit-filled unity…people dedicated to these four things. Leah, I don’t have to imagine, for I was there at the farm. Life together during REPLENISH was glorious, inspiring and my favorite…LASTING! ( I keep tasting and tasting and tasting it…)


What a peaceful refuge to come and rest and receive more of Him! The meals and fellowship were delicious and rich! I’m leaving with many new sisters in my heart! Praise God!


If you would like to join me at The Farm for the next REPLENISH, please keep reading each week. Maybe you know someone who would be interested, please have them sign up to receive my blog…


have a wonderful weekend!



p.s…say little prayer for me too… it’s my birthday!  (:

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