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Hello sweet friends!  Gail, Marcy, Erica, Jessi and I are preparing and praying for the 20 women coming to the first REPLENISH at The Farm!  We are very excited and believe the Lord has wonderful things in store for us. 

Please enjoy a special message from Erica.  Jim and I met Erica van der Laak while we lived in New Orleans.  She came to America after Katrina to help the city of New Orleans recover.  Erica is from the Netherlands and Loves, with a capital L, our Lord. She wanted to share her testimony with you.

Please enjoy!

Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.  Psalm 37:6

After 25 years of marriage with a lovely husband whom unfortunately was addicted to gambling, he ran off with another woman and left me.

I asked for a divorce…and it hurts very deeply because I loved him.

But, I didn’t see a way out to survive without him, and I wanted my life to end, but my family knew what was happening and they prayed for me from a distance.

The verse above was our marriage text, but we became very wealthy and forgot it and lived our own life, which was not a Godly lifestyle.

I became ill and was crippled with reumatic in my life, my body refused to work properly, and I had several surgeries…gall bladder, breast and intestines.

In that time, I was longing for the peace I had experienced in my parents’ home, for they were Holy Spirit filled believers. But also revelation came to mind…I had opened the door to the devil and allowed him to interfere in my life, and my children’s life.  My daughter received incurable cancer on the bones of her hips and her breast.

At the same time, her husband had an aircraft accident and lay in the hospital 5 weeks in a coma with his body blown up and nothing working anymore. They wanted to stop the equipment because of this.

BUT THANKS BE TO GOD whom sent a preacher from the USA to a conference my brother had organized. This man was preaching and suddenly my brother saw big angels standing in the corner of the church. So the preacher said we should call the names of people whom need a miracle from God because the angels are God’s messengers. So my family called out the names of my kids and me.

During this time, my daughter, barely standing on crutches near her husband’s bed, told him to wake up and get up and go to the bathroom. The nurse was amazed and did not believe what was happening.  He did this and within 24 hours he was standing by his bed with the sheet attached to his back because for 5 weeks he lay in bed because the doctors couldn’t do anything for him. With one surgery they removed the sheet from his back and grafted skin from his legs to his back. In two weeks he was dismissed from the hospital.

I am healed after I confessed my hidden sins, the Lord has broken the power of the devil from me.  I am healed of my reumatic pain and crippleness and my body functions like normal.

My daughter is healed from incurable bone cancer.  It is gone because God has given Jesus for this…to heal the sick and set free the prisoners.

I’ve responded on the question of Jesus…would you follow me?

He asked me to give up everything I had from my marriage. I was crying on the floor in the congregation and asked, “Please Lord, do I really need me to give up everything?”

He asked me again if I really wanted to follow him. Leave everything behind and follow me he said. “Ok Lord, if this is from you, give me joy.” And he did! So I have given it all away. I have the joy and feel free! Hallelujah!!

And I’ve experienced that if we “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, everything shall be added to you.” This verse became truth in my life.

That’s why I want to share with you my testimony so you know what profit it gives not only to me, but to everyone I meet. Many people became jealous, by what happened in my life. It ‘s all because of Jesus. He calls us to follow after Him. He asks us to give up our mindsets, agendas, and to do the works of Him, so I have given all my household up to follow after Him. I’ve seen that people all over the world give their life to Jesus.

Hear and experience His presence in my life and great miracles are happening around me. God is my provider and He has filled up the emptiness in my life. He is more than enough for me.

Now, after years of traveling and teaching how to live a Kingdom lifestyle, a teaching I’ve given in many countries, God has given me a Home! A very very beautiful home in Holland where I will become a mother of many children, women coming out of forced prostitution.

God has prepared a place for them and a Safe Harbor in my homeland so I can love on them and give them what the Father has given me…love and healing.

There is nothing more beautiful than giving away what you have received from Jesus.  The joy of the Lord will multiply in your life.

All the iniquities that come up in my mind from what I have done in my past, I rededicat them to the Lord. I bring them immediately to the Cross, because I believe that Jesus took it for me in his death. Now I am free, forever! So I cut myself loose from the spirits, and all things are new! The old is gone!

When Jesus said you shall do these things also and greater things than this…this is for every disciple of Jesus Christ! For you and for me.


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  1. Karen says:

    Dear Leah, wish I could have attended. I pray that many lives will be replenished. My irreplaceable mother had a minor heart attack last Friday, home from the hospital. I am with her this week….. And my 90 year old father and one head injured brother. Mostly, cooking and enjoying time with them and thanking the Lord for more time with them!
    I so look forward to Upcoming retreats!

  2. Jody Collins says:

    Erica (and Leah) I remember being at the Bible Study Frank gave 3 years ago when I was visiting New Orleans and Frank said, ‘Let’s pray for Jody.” Erica and Leah each laid hands on me and ‘boom!” the power of the Holy Ghost came down and healed me instantly–set me free, healed hurts and pains I didn’t know I had….I will always remember that.
    I’ll be praying for you this weekend!

  3. Treesa says:

    I pray someday to get to be in one of your meetings. What an awesome testimony of God’s miracles still. How encouraging as I hear of His grace and love being poured out on your family.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

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