REPLENISH at The Farm…

Posted February 10th, 2012 by Leah and filed in Leah Richardson, LR Ministries

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! God is so faithful and He is ABLE, completely trustworthy and able, to complete that which we have entrusted to Him. He is weaving the 1st REPLENISH together quickly and I look forward to sharing with YOU (our online community that I love and pray for continually) all the details!

Truly, God is faithful!


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  1. Lisa Curtis says:

    Oh, so sad, I will be having a new granddaughter the first week of March. I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave. My friends and I will be, however, in Orlando April 9-13. Would it be possible to visit you? (My husband thinks I am crazy for asking)
    I also am having a Valentine’s Dinner for widows on Sunday evening and will be using your devotions for “Around the Table”. I thought it would warm your heart to know I am using your God inspired words again.
    So jealous of all those who get to “replenish” with you. I so need replenished but will wait for God to reward me with that time when He sees fit.

  2. Ida McCann says:

    Wow! How wonderful it is to join corporately with women after GOD’s own heart loving, encouraging, assisting and caring for the body of CHRIST meanwhile surrendered and submitted to the ONE who is WORTHY of being bowed down to, worshiped, glorified and praised. I am interested in learning more about this beautiful time / ministry and am always in awe of GOD’s goodness and love poured out for all to freely receive and freely give! In awe and in love again and again with the LORD, ida xoxo back at you!

  3. Ida McCann says:

    I have been praising GOD for you Leah stepping out in faith with the other wonderful women of the LORD inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT to , with GOD’s help, divinely impact lives that transformation would continue to take place for all to live for GOD, pursue GOD and love all the way GOD intended. Hallelujah! I will be unavailable for this divine appointment GOD has for some people. HE has positioned me and kept me for a while that I would focus on my husband and my children…the family HE has richly blessed me with. I have been waiting on the LORD and things continue to line up in this path. HE has me in a season focusing with prayer, petition,praise and love focusing dilinglently on my family….a wonderful ministry laid before me and I do praise HIM. Truly, I stand in awe on how GOD continues using “you” mightily touching, impacting and refreshing other women and this is good. You hear HIM well and HE treasure you. I love you and thank you and know always, GOD only has great plans to continue prosper you and uphold you. HE has greatness for you. Thank you thank you and love you loads, ida

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