Our cup runneth over!

Posted January 27th, 2012 by Leah and filed in Word of Encouragement

Quietly sitting 10 thousand feet above the ground, I ponder the perspective. With vast views and various shapes, what is individual on the ground harmoniously blends together as one from the air.

The Lord fills every perspective doesn’t he…large, vast, sum total, all in all…universal.

As I sit and write, I smile, knowing this: Jesus lives in my little heart, knows the number of hairs on my head and cares deeply about the daily minutiae of my life. God’s infinite perspective is beyond my finite comprehension. A sea of unknowns bridged by a Savior’s tender love and personal interest.

It’s only a bit after 8 o’clock and no one cares to be chatty, but my window seat offers boundless possibilities for conversations with my Creator. Slowly engulfed by the clouds below like giant cotton balls, I listen to the Holy Spirit within.


My view is even higher and broader, look out. My love is ever greater. You can let your imagination run like an untamed stallion, yet you will never truly understand the fullness of I AM. Repeat after me…my cup runneth over. My cup runneth over. 


Today, continually remember and repeat


Like King David’s 23rd Psalm, when you begin to grasp the love of the Shepherd, light will illuminate green pastures and still waters along your path. You’ll turn and recognize my goodness and mercy following you. Every step you take, I have gone before you in preparation, even in the wilderness. Trusting my words bring security and following my voice creates lasting peace… for truly I am in your midst. The anointing on your life, a gift from your Shepherd, flowing like Holy oil on your head,are words you can trust.


I glance out the window and the landscape has changed, once again. But my cup runneth over. As the Spirit has with me, so I encourage you. Repeat these four words all day long.


Repeat them until you believe them. For once you truly believe, you will take the excess you can’t possibly contain, the overflow, and bless others.

I know that wherever you are, my friend, and whatever you are doing, you are making a difference. YOUR CUP RUNNETH OVER…


Have a wonder-filled weekend!

xo   leah


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