New Renovation pictures…getting close

Posted November 17th, 2011 by Leah and filed in Leah Richardson, LR Interior Design

So…I am driving up to South Georgia to share a Christmas message in Bainbridge, Georgia.  I would really appreciate your prayers. Gabriel said to Mary…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.  Every time I open my mouth before an audience, I appreciate that promise.

As you scroll through the pictures, notice that I don’t have any counter tops, which must come before the faucets.  Hopefully theses items will be completed Monday and Tuesday before family arrives on Wednesday.  I call that cutting it close!!  Thank goodness Jim’s family is so easy and comfortable!  We won’t be unpacked or pulled together, but being together to give thanks for all our many blessings is truly all we want.

Have a wonderful weekend!

love you,



Tile walls will completed once counter tops are installed.


Door bell dates back to the Civil War!  You pull a lever on the outside and it goes “ring…ring”!

Simple and creative closet design.

The sitting area in the Master Bedroom will be my quiet time/writing area.

the key plates came off of the doors…repurposed.

Mirrors behind the sconces.

Half shutters allow for more light and beautiful view of the gardens and grove.

Guest room

Mirrors on the back of bedroom doors increase the room size.

Nothing is square or level…and I LOVE IT!   Reminds me of…me!

4 Responses to “New Renovation pictures…getting close”

  1. Lisa Curtis says:

    Wow. Such a transformation and I have enjoyed the opportunity to watch the progression. It is beautiful and so peaceful. Peace in every room. I think you could have inspirational writing and time with our Lord in any corner of the home. Happy Thanksgiving and I know your family will be blessed beyond measure in the home with or without countertops. Much love and admiration, Lisa

  2. Stacey white says:

    Leah, the fixtures looks fantastic! I just love the kohler margaux fixtures and the tubs. Simply elegant as always!! You are wonderful!

  3. Lisa Gaines says:

    Your home is so beautiful. I love all the fine details. Can’t wait to see more. I pray everthing goes well for you this weekend and safe travels.

  4. David Harrington says:

    I grew up and spent many days in high school in this house. It always had the most character and was partially responsible for me wanting an older house (live in decatur, ga in a 50+ year old house). I love how bright the place is, but you still have kept the details. I would love to see the place closer when I am coming through C FL. Congratulations and keep up the fine work. These houses have heart and soul.

    David Harrington

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