INTERIOR INSPIRATION by Bates Corkern Studio

Posted October 24th, 2011 by Leah and filed in LR Interior Design, Word of Encouragement

This Birmingham design firm’s work catches my eye and draws me in to explore the details.  Such simplicity, yet I recognize, as a designer, much thought and careful selection along with careful editing has taken place to create and design these rooms.

Drawn to the light…


Love this idea!  A handsome and functional leather upholstered buffet with nailhead trim floating above the floor.

I wonder if this is a light source or a GIGANTIC television lurks behind!

Great use of space and I am certain a television is behind the doors above the fireplace.  Built-in seating- fantastic!

Beautiful use of drapery to soften the space and continue the lines…even if there are no windows behind them. The lamp shades look like a mesh- love them!

Interior walls of painted brick add such texture and character to a home, new or old.  My eye moves right past the modern open staircase to the exterior. What a wonderful mix!

The arched openings throughout this home lend an elegance to all white spaces.  Another drapery wall creating warmth and texture. The round mirror mimics the round windows in the home. The design principle of repetition harkens harmony.

A beautiful still water feature.  Oh how I could sit for hours, dangle my feet…lean back in the grass…and enjoy the carefully designed details.  {while coveting, I mean admiring, the copper gutters…smile}

What one simple, good idea could you incorporate into your home?  Maybe it’s just the idea of keeping things simple. Or paying attention to details. This time of year as we begin seasonal decorating, remember to make it more about the reasons we celebrate than the celebrations and decorations themselves.

Here’s an idea– If you have accumulated lots and lots of Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations over the years, take time to go through them and set aside ones you can part with.  Wrap them in tissue paper with a little ribbon and take them to your local Habitat for Humanity, Shelter or Recovery House. Maybe you know someone whose life will be a bit sparse this season…Let your adoration for this season of love decorate another’s life and home.  

Let generosity be the common thread that weaves your heart and home together. We have been mightily blessed to be a blessing.


Have a wonderful week!

xo   leah

P.S.   The kitchen floor took 4 DAYS to get the glued-down tar paper sanded off!  But with that hurdle behind us, staining started today- Yeah! If the finish coats dry as expected, cabinet installation and electrical trim out will start on Friday. So much for my “fast-tracking” this restoration! {humility abounds} I just hope we will be in by Thanksgiving. If not, I understand turkey on the grill is good too!

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