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I know it’s Wednesday, but let’s catch up!

Melissa Key and I swapped books for a painting for our new home…I am beyond thrilled!  Isn’t it beautiful! I plan to hang it in the foyer and set the tone for our home.

Jim and Rudy surveying after torrential rains last weekend.

The floor refinishers have the house to themselves.

So I am taking pictures through windows and exterior doors.  These floors have been sanded and we are working on a pale driftwood-colored stain.

During the heavy rains, we found out that part of the front porch ceiling leaked…so at 11:00 at night, in my nightgown with flashlight in hand, I climbed over all our stuff and covered as much as I could with big garbage bags and placed pots and pans under the dripping water.  I am so thankful that nothing was ruined.  We put most everything in the studio the next day.  My plan is to paint that floor the interior door color to change things up a bit.  Every room in our home is heart pine, with the exception of my bathroom. When painting interior wood floors, I like to use a high gloss exterior porch paint.  It wears better and has a great look.

The new metal work has been installed with the larger circle design. I love the scale now.

Over the LR fireplace, I opted for one large mirror with a 1″ bevel all the way around since my 2 previous designs were just too challenging.

I also had a metal handrail fabricated for the back staircase.  Both are finished with a French Steel look, which means they simply clear coat the raw metal.  These steps will be painted with the exterior porch paint too.

The pump house is almost completed.  The 12 foot long farm table on the right is made out of cypress.  I traded the LR fireplace over mantle and all the old door hardware for it.

We’ve created great little vistas and seating areas around so we can watch “The Girls”.

Jim’s garden is growing growing.  We have experienced some green caterpillars enjoying our veggies…but Jim found an organic remedy for those little creepy crawly things!


Squash and beautiful squash blossoms


My flowers

well…flowers soon.


peppers {to be}




It’s just gorgeous today!

Do you remember all the pipes that were on the side of the house?  When the plumbers removed all the old galvanized pipes it really cleaned up this side of the house, but then stucco repair was needed.  After the exterior is painted, all the repairs should blend in nicely.  I have removed many of the shutters and can hopefully use them to create a fence around the AC units in this “service area” of the house.

My generous new friend Kim gave me this pretty little iron chandelier to hang in The Girl’s pecking yard.  No Jim…I promise I won’t electrify it!  (:

This is the exterior lantern that will hang on the right side of the stained doors of the pump house. I like using something other than clear glass for exterior lighting…it shows less dirt.

Jim removed the tops of the old goat milking tables, which made for great roosting for his Girls.  We can’t take credit for this smart design. The previous owners installed hooks to pull up the tables…I am assuming to give more room and clean out this area.

Soooo Jim came home with 12 more “Girls” last week.  I thought he said he was adding 2 Rhode Island Reds…he just couldn’t resist. 4 Reds, 4 Americanas and 4 Plymouth Rocks!  They are cute.

Rudy is still wondering what in the heck {peck} is going on!!

We have used most of the wood we removed from the house…but there is still enough left for one more project. Mom arrives tomorrow to spend a few days and she is bringing Jim 12 quail from South Georgia…10 hens and 2 roosters!  Do quail roosters cock-a-doodle-do?

I sure hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!  Do something whimish, for this is the day the Lord has made and He wants us to rejoice, be in joy about today!

And be glad…





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  1. Anne says:

    Love the inspiration of your progress reports and pics!

    I think you did a post about Melissa Key’s art once before – would you happen to have a link to her web site?

    Many thanks!

  2. Lauren says:

    Great photos of the gardens! The pump house looks so different!! I am a fan of the wood doors! It’s all coming together!! Exciting!

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