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Last week, I had two conversations about being dehydrated…one physically, one spiritually. Water is vital to our very existence, isn’t it. Without it, all shrivels eventually dying.

Peter, our floor refinisher, is about my age. He has two precious sons who help him when not in class. He related a story about working in a house where the windows were taped shut with no air conditioning. He thought he was drinking enough water, but he became very sick. His doctor’s diagnosis- dehydration.

NOTE TO SELF:  Sometimes we think we are drinking enough water, but more is needed, especially during times of stress.

The Bible study group of a special woman I love dearly has resumed after the summer break. I called her to check in because the last time we spoke she was very down, fearful and hope was waning about the present and future. From hello, this conversation was totally different. She admitted that the absence of filling her life, her heart, her mind with God’s words of truth caused deep and desperate spiritual dehydration. She was running on empty and ignoring all the signs of becoming sick…at heart. She was literally starving her soul.

NOTE TO SELF:  The living water of God’s Word is vital and necessary to sustain my life, promoting hope, joy and peace.

The refrigerator on the porch if full of bottled water for the workers. As I place them in this cool space, I pray that once uncapped, God will supernaturally transform it into living water, springing up to eternal life. For living water is vital.

VITAL: Absolutely necessary or important; essential; indispensable to the continuance of life; critical; key; high-priority; life and death

Over the next several weeks, let’s look together at the importance of water. When you think of water, what comes to mind?


Chapter 24 of Genesis is one of the stories in the Bible that the Holy Spirit showed me regarding the plans for 2446 E. New York Ave…”The Farm”. God prompted me to look up verses that corresponded to our new address, 24:46.

She quickly let down her jar from her shoulder and said,

‘Drink, and I will give your camels drink also.’  

Genesis 24:46

In Abraham’s old age, he sent his servant to find a wife for his only son, Isaac. When the servant came to rest at the well, Rebekah quickly, without hesitation, stopped what she was doing and gave water to the stranger. She further extended herself to water his camels. Rebekah’s beautiful willingness to serve, kindness of heart and openness to God’s design on her everyday life is a portrait that I desire my Lord to paint of me. I daily ask the Holy Spirit to teach me to be “other minded”, go the extra step and water other people’s lives.

To quickly let down my water jar…

God’s providential hand covers this story in every way. That same hand covers each detail of our everyday lives if we will but stop by the well, dip our jar into living water and drink deeply.

Chapter 24 is a beautiful love story. And Jesus is seeking you, his bride. Read it and ask the Holy Spirit to water your life in new and refreshing ways.

The Beauty of Everyday Holiness    or   Everyday Holiness for Living Beautifully   

xo  leah

P.S. Do you like one of these titles for a devotional book? You, your feedback is very important {vital} to me!

5 Responses to “VITAL”

  1. Shanna C says:

    Such a lovely devotional thought for me today…sometimes I seem so dry, even though I read my Bible daily. Thank you for your words today.

    As for the devotional book title, I like the second option, “Everyday Holiness for Living Beautifully.”

  2. Betsy says:

    What a privilege to drink from His word… I don’t do it often enough. Thank you for the reminder.

    My vote is for “Everyday Holiness for Living Beautifully”.

  3. Lisa says:

    I just love a devotional book where living water is the focus. Each time I read your blog I continue to be amazed at God’s timing giving you the topic and scriptures at a time my need is parallel. Simply LOV? My spirit is so thirsty. I always want to share your words. Fresh words to me and so inspiring. Cannot wait to be a guest at “the farm”.

  4. Lisa says:

    Forgot to cast my vote. The second one.

  5. sherri says:

    The Beauty of Holiness for Daily Life

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