Majorly Full Week!!

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Remember the old pump house above?  Well, let’s just say the pile of extra doors and wood has greatly diminished with the completion of the new pump house. The 18″ deep trench will house electrical for the existing freezer and refrigerator. It will be handy having refrigeration for the eggs so close to the coop.

Landscaping should hide these pipes…maybe wild petunias.  The large vertical boards forming the corners were storage shelving in the kitchen area of the house.

So far I have painted the pump house, but I plan to roll a driftwood-colored wash over the white and paint the doors like the Coop.  Since I love the shutter color, I am now conflicted about the color I used on the “Coop” doors.  Will study that tomorrow…

I pulled out my trusty Sharpy and wrote Scriptures and prayers on the walls in the house where cabinets will be installed.  Now Scriptures are sealed in my heart and home!

DeLand Metalcrafters came by for me to see the scale of the staircase design.  The circle is 12″ in diameter, which is 1/3 of the total width.  After seeing it, I decided to increase the size to 16″.  BUT…I just love the way it opens the staircase and pushes the modern edge.  I have plans for the checkerboard piece removed.

The mirror installer just could not get the intersections of the squares to line up due to the unevenness of the wall.  So I had to rethink this design too.  Tomorrow, another large mirror, with less cuts, will be installed.

The rough sanding of the floors was completed today, and Peter and I will work on a custom “Driftwood” color stain. Covering the orange tone of Heart Pine may require bleaching first, but I hope not. Often times design ideas require a bit of trial and error. My clients are happy to know I experiment in my own home first!

I do, however, love the look of the pale taupe doors.  The new brushed nickle door hardware by Emteck looks great too.

New back door in the kitchen, which looks very similar to the old one, provides natural light into the kitchen.

I sanded and refinished the “Vintage” dining chairs in a dark walnut stain by Cabot, then sealed them in a Semi-gloss finish.  Love the shine, which pushes the modern edge.

Next…buy some foam, fabric and a staple gun to reupholster the seats.

Jim and I enjoyed fresh spinach and arugula salads all week.  Our cucumber {leaves for now} are growing like crazy.

On a sad note, we lost the majestic water oak in the Orchard.  Jim walked out to the orchard one morning and found that one of the huge limbs had fallen and split the main trunk in two.  We didn’t have an option, but removing it was definitely NOT in my budget!

We removed the old wire fence that needed a lot of repair and plan to live without one for a while to see how we like it.  Jim and I both like the idea of planting a line of trees for privacy, with a driveway opening a bit further down from the original one.

The girls are growing up

and they love the camera!

And, I was honored to speak to the Interior Design department of Daytona State College.  They are an absolutely precious group!  One of the quotes on their studio wall by the late “gran-dame” of design, Elsie de Wolfe, made me laugh.

“I believe in plenty of optimism and white paint.”     Gosh I wish I had said that!!!

Here are the 4 “B” points I encouraged them to consider…for design, and life.

1.  Bigger picture: There is always a bigger plan and picture, so dream with faith and expand your thinking.

2.  Be generous:  Offer your time, talent, share your resources and watch the boomerang effect become reality.

3.  Be in good company:  Surround yourself with positive, successful, creative people.  No one is successful in a vacuum.

4.  Be excellent:  Go beyond good…be excellent at all you do.  Set yourself apart by going beyond standard expectations.

 Do you incorporate these into your everyday life?  What Scripture comes to mind as you think on these?  {Jeremiah 29:11, Galatians 6:7, Proverbs 11:25, Galatians 5:9, Genesis 1:31}

Yes, it has been a majorly full week!  Good week, encouraging week, productive week…maybe I’ll rest on Saturday…but probably not.  (:

love you and enjoy your weekend sweet friends!

xo  leah








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  1. Boy, you have come along way. Everything is looking great. Keep up the good work.

  2. Lauren says:

    wow! I love the photos. Huge difference from the last I’ve seen. The staircase looks great!! The metalcrafters piece was exactly what it needed to add a modern edge along with the white. Love, love, love!! I can’t wait to see all your hard and amazing work on Thanksgiving!

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