Tone-on-Tone in Metairie, Louisiana

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Last week I did a whirlwind {36 hours in 4 days} finish to a home I have been working on for 14 months. Here are some pictures from April, during construction…

This man is a true craftsman with a trowel.  The steps {treads, risers and nosing} are limestone. He finished the skirt board in stucco to match the limestone. The tool he handcrafted created a nice detail to the edge. Truly a craftsman!

Entrance foyer looking into the living room…

After considering the couples’ lifestyle {4 children and 9 grandchildren…at this point} we decided to turn the room slated for formal dining into a beautiful study for the husband, who frequently works at home. If paneled walls blow your budget, then apply molding to sheetrock walls and paint it all one yummy color. You will see the beautiful end result.

The wife and I worked for hours with various iron pieces on her living room floor until we created a design we loved.  I sketched it out and the iron fabricator did a beautiful job bringing our design to fruition.  We duplicated the process for the staircase design.

The coffered ceiling adds strength to this large living room and brings your eye down, which creates a more human scale. The key to designing a coffered ceiling is stacking various size moldings, creating nice depth.

The back loggia overlooks a teeny tiny New Orleans’ style courtyard with pool.

I designed the built-ins flanking the stone fireplace in the living room to showcase my clients pottery. She is very talented! The built-in on the left houses a television that, at the push of a button, rises out of the base cabinet.

The exterior sports casement windows in a beautiful mushroom color, with copper gutters.  The body color, coins and trim all in one color- white!

Large Bevelo lanterns and flagstone create an impressive entrance. Always opt for larger when it comes to exterior light fixtures.

NOW…these are the images from last week. All the trees have not been planted and I am not “complete-complete”…but enough to show you.

Foyer mirror reflects the prize staircase, a major focal point in the home.  Antique mirror and bench with new sconces from Circa Lighting by Susanne Kasler.

Custom designed light fixture- we worked with Julie Neil.

Chair and fabric by Hickory Chair-

Beautiful staircase detail- custom finish.

Walking in the front door…your eye is drawn through the house to the courtyard. Tone-on-Tone cocoons you in pale taupe walls {Ben Moore HC-81}, French limestone floors, neutral fabrics and strong architectural details.

Remember the study…the walls look paneled don’t they.

The plantation shutters are also painted the same color as the walls and trim.

The stone mosaic over the cooktop was one of our first selections and it set the tone not only for the kitchen, but the rest of the home too. Installing antique brass sconces add warmth, interest and beautiful accent lighting.

The small glass tiles shimmer in the sunlight.  I love the shallow end where the grandchildren can play.

Although the dining area is a part of the kitchen, installing the same drapery as the living room sets it apart evoking a relaxed elegance.  The 10 foot long antique farm table gives the room an acquired look and accommodates everyone.

I finished Friday at 5:30 and they hosted their first dinner party at 7:00!

The success of tone-on-tone style- mixing antique and new, traditional and modern, smooth and textured.

This piece of pottery she hand built is amazingly beautiful.  French blue is our main accent color.

Just love the reflection of a mirror, which doubles the space while reflecting the light.

When you paint the walls and trim one color, the trim is actually more noticeable…in a beautifully subtle way.

There are wonderful vistas everywhere. I plan to order a small drink table {thinking lucite} between the animal print fabric occasional chairs. It will be functional and a clear material will not stop the eye.

The large seagrass rug we have on order will add great texture and pull the living room together nicely. Have I mentioned just how much I love the reflective quality of the mirrors, which bounce light all around the room!

The banquet area was designed for the couple to eat casual meals together or play cards…I understand the granddaughters have taken it over for playing Polly Pockets!!  (:

Before I left, the wife and I prayed through every room of the home.  We opened the front and back door and asked the Holy Spirit to remove any spirit contrary to the Holy Spirit and fill this home with the ways, will and character of God…LOVE, JOY, PEACE, PATIENCE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, GENTLENESS, FAITHFULNESS AND SELF CONTROL. {Galatians 5:22} It was such a wonderful way for me to leave and my clients to begin a new season in a new home with a new song of thanksgiving in their hearts.

Have you ever prayed through your home? I encourage you to anoint your entrances, open the doors and invite the Holy Spirit to dwell within in fullness and joy.

Now that’s setting the “Tone” of the home!

May the Lord bless your home and heart immeasurably this week!

xo  leah

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  1. elizabeth says:


    You do excellent work. Good design is uplifting and inspirational. This is just the style gracious formality I love, which I find relaxing. Just gorgeous! The house style (chateau?), staircase, front door, ceilings and colors….all to perfection.

    I’d love these colors for my dining room. French blue is exactly the accent color I was looking for! Thank you for providing the taupe wall paint color, brand and number.

    What color is the trim-a white? Would a cream work? Is it necessary to have such a dramatic difference in color for the trim?

    What French blue did you use?

    Are the drapes taffeta or a linen-burlap fabric?

    No one has house blessing/house warming parties anymore, which is a shame. Every new home-or home one moves into-should be blessed to cleanse any residual emotions. I’m glad you took care of that.

    Thank you.

  2. Janelle says:

    I have to say that I LOVE how you’ve designed this house. I absolutely LOVE it. It’s beautiful. Great Job!!

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