Happy Labor Day!

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I hope today finds you enjoying the remnants of Summer!  Jim and I started our garden over the weekend and today I am on a plane headed for NOLA to finish a design job.  Jim planted the veggies, while I planted flowers!

Bud filled his truck with 3 loads of 50/50 garden mix, per Jim.  Now I am not exactly sure what the 50/50 stands for, but from the fragrance {haha} I think 50% of it came from someone’s horse stable!

I must keep reminding myself of the Scripture…don’t despise humble beginnings!  We have a ways to go before the garden looks like the Barefoot Contessa just left, but believe me when I tell you that I have lots of drawings and constantly wear Jim out with all my ideas! Sweet Husband reminds me that we are not full grown when we come out of the womb!

My request before I left was to NOT COME HOME TO THIS!  I sketched out some plans for Jim and Bud to use the leftover doors to construct the walls of our new pump house.  We will store the chicken feed and needs {I have no idea what that means!} in here too.  The chicken coop will get an update too!  I spray painted one of the chandeliers from the house {white} and look forward to hanging it in the coop when I return.  I will be out of town all week…but I KNOW JIM AND BUD WILL ACCOMPLISH MUCH WHILE I AM AWAY {right guys?}!!

“Daddy’s girls” as I affectionately call our new chicks {which I pray are all hens and we don’t wake up to cock-a-doodle-do one morning} have graduated to a little pen.  Rudy stands guard.


This feels like a scene from one of my favorite Dr. Suess books, which I read to Lauren {and Rudy}…“Are you my mother?”

This city girl is adapting quite well to farm life!  By the way, Jim and I have decided on a name, which I will reveal soon!

Walking to my desk, I noticed the back steps are complete. The carpenter pegged the last step so  it can be easily pulled off for the water cut off  is underneath it. It will be a good idea to leave a flashlight inside the step too.

Don’t you just love my work boots mom bought me the last time she was here!  I am a flip flops and pearls kind of girl, but I really like my boots!  {red shoe strings too}

Jim and I are just crazy about this place…it feels like home. As I gaze out over The Farm at our newly planted garden, the Holy Spirit reminds me that there is a season for every purpose under Heaven.  This season came as a wonderful surprise to Jim and to me…and we are so thankful we followed the promptings of God.  For the last 2 months we have uprooted and removed, edited as I like to say, much around here…but now is a time to plant.  What season are you in today? Uprooting…planting…or maybe harvesting?  Don’t grow weary in well doing the Bible tells us...for in DUE SEASON {a divinely appointed personal season scheduled in Heaven just for you} you will reap the harvest you have been praying for if you just WON’T GIVE UP my friend.

Enjoy all God’s blessings!





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