Peace be with you…

Posted September 3rd, 2011 by Leah and filed in Word of Encouragement

Jesus came and stood among them and said to them,

“Peace be with you.”

John 20:19

PeaceEirene in Greek…probably from a primary verb {per Strong’s} Eiro, which means to join.

To join…literally or figuratively.

Peace…to join.

To join…Jesus.

By implication…prosperity, one, quietness, rest…set at one again.


And Jesus stood among them {among us} and spoke Peace.

Peace, I pray, for you today.  Every kind of good- health, wealth, prosperity of heart, mind, body and spirit.

Peace be with you my friend.

God is the God of all peace…the author and giver of of blessedness.

The Gospel of peace…the gospel of bliss.

The Way of peace…the way of happiness.

All this…Jesus said, “peace be with you.”

Absence of conflict merely scratches the surface, God desires us to enjoy, experience daily Gospel bliss.

When we join Jesus, peace abounds, overflows.

Join: a verb {action verb}  link, connect, unite, take part in, come into company with, support in an activity

Holy Spirit come…stitch our lives together in Jesus’ robe of righteousness for we crave Peace. Shade our lives with this beautiful benefit of joining with you. Impart a surprising calm, serenity and steadfast peace to each friend reading today. Let agitation, discontent, fighting within and without fall away…and give your Peace.

Peace be with you. {especially my NOLA friends}



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  1. Sandy Preslar says:

    Leah, Thank you for your wisdom & inspiration. Just found a Southern Lady article about your book while trying to figure out a devotion for our church’s ladies bible study in the morning. Your book will be my springboard tomorrow along with my own inspiration. I’m going thru some “stuff” right now and need “peace”. You have helped me. Here’s a poem I wrote in ’86:
    When I should lay my cares aside
    and peace should take
    it’s place.
    I hold onto my inner fears
    and reflect them on my face.

    All the scripture
    that I know
    comes vividly to view
    and God convicts me
    with these words

    “Fear not, what man can do to you.
    I move the wind
    I calm the sea
    I’m the one who
    created thee.

    Fear the One
    Who made the man
    and not the man himself
    For I can stop
    the wind and sea
    and nothing
    is too hard for Me.”

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