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Things are looking “white” around E. New York Ave. these days!  The plaster work will be complete on Tuesday and the painters started their sanding and prep work the end of last week. After studying the staircase, I decided to remove the grid of squares which closed in the staircase and gave it a bit too “Craftsman-style” architecture for my style.

Look how much more open the staircase looks.

DeLand Metal Craft Co. is fabricating this design in a French Steel finish for the opening.

We enjoyed some close friends from North Florida stopping by Sunday morning.  Jim and I were delighted to show them our progress and the guest room that we hope they will frequent.

The guest bath door is now installed and it is one of the few doors we needed to purchase.  It can be awkward for two doors to open against each other, but due to light switch placement and the floor plan of the bathroom, this could not be installed as an in-swing door. To help make it less awkward, I had it installed with an 180-degree hinge so it will swing flat against the wall.

I removed the over-mantle on the fireplace so I could install cut mirrors above which will create a wonderful reflective quality in the Living Room.  The pattern will be 12 x 12 squares {an ode to the gird I removed in the staircase} with 5 x 12 pieces surrounding. Can’t wait to show you!  A cut mirror pattern over the fireplace {or somewhere in the living area} is part of my signature style.

Tomorrow morning I will write one of my favorite Scriptures on the wall before they adhere the mirror squares…

Be still and know that I am God.  

Psalm 46:10

And, I will then be still and decide how to address the red brick surround!!

Saturday after a design consultation in College Park, I stopped in an “antique/vintage” shop and found some “good stuff”. Unsure where this light fixture will go, but for $185.00 it had to come home with me.

On the left side of the fireplace in the Dining Room, we created a small bench with simple framing and sheetrock. I plan to put loose raffia cushions on it and hang artwork above.  Since the bench is standard dining chair seat height, I can use it with a bistro table for overflow seating when needed.

The kitchen hood was installed

and the back staircase in the Kitchen is taking shape.

It was a challenge to hide the large plumbing waste line, but I am pleased with this column effect and the minor amount we dropped the ceiling.  I would like to find a column capital, maybe gilded Corinthian style, to place at the top of the column.  It would be an unexpected touch in the kitchen.

Once the kitchen walls were closed up, I really got excited!  I think I am going to love, love, love our kitchen!

My bathroom floor and tile baseboard received a major scrubbing {all afternoon} and it cleaned up very nicely.

This is a view of the upstairs hall toward the guest room.

After removing the interior door hardware and cleaning it up…I think I may sell it on Ebay. But not all of it. I combined some of the round decorative backplates with some of the new cabinet knobs I purchased and they look wonderful together.  A bit of old and a bit of new…

We moved into the apartment behind the house 8 weeks ago and I am in hopes that in another 8 weeks we will move into the house and start renovation on the apartment. I have high hopes and everyone is working hard toward that end!  Look at my desk!

Besides the small gilded chandelier, I found 6 “vintage” dining chairs to mix with our Mid-century modern Dining room table.  The lines are very sculptural.  An antique is considered over 100 years old, but these are considered vintage since they were crafted around 1960.  I plan to refinish them with a dark walnut stain.

If you have wood furnishings or handrails that have dark stains where the oil from your hands have caused discoloration, you can use denatured alcohol to easily remove it.

Thank you for all your encouraging emails!  They really keep me going…

Day by day…day by day…oh dear Lord, 3 things I pray.  To see thee more clearly, love thee more dearly, follow thee more nearly…day by day!

This week I will remind myself by reminding you…one day at a time.  All will get done…one day at a time.



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  1. Cant wait to see it when your done. You have come along way! That is one of my favorite verses also…

  2. Lisa says:

    Cannot wait to visit! You are doing a spectacular job and I am amazed at every entry of your progress.

  3. Erica says:

    Marvelous Leah.

    I wished I could help you with painting and decorating.
    love to do that.
    Hanneke and I are working out to come in februari I realy hope we can fulfill our wish!to meet you and Jim! love You and miss you a lot.

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