New Windows!

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Remember these aluminum windows in the studio that were incased in plastic which obstructed the view?

It was a race against our wonderful Florida summer rains this weekend to replace them with

new “storefront” white metal windows.  I just love them!!  They were less expensive than wood, along with the benefit of being maintenance free and pushing the design of our 19th Century Farmhouse to a modern edge.

You can clearly see the difference.

Jim cut back the tall shrubbery to help the workers and clear the way for a wonderful view of Lake Winnemissette.

This is the view back toward the orchard with the side door open.  Our plans are to remove the shutters on the sides and back of the home and make a fence out of them, which will enclose {hide} the air conditioning units.

I will have this door removed and use

the matching French door leading to the studio installed giving me light and a view.  It is an interior grade door, but with the overhang protection it should hold up for a number of years before I will have to replace it with a true exterior grade wood door.

 Some years ago, I worked with a couple remodeling a late 50s ranch which overlooked the the Gulf of Mexico.  The budget was tight, so to achieve the look of a full window wall capturing the view of those emerald green waters, we stacked standard size windows instead of ordering large custom windows.  It created quite an architectural element and turned out to be a great look too. Initially I thought that would be a good application here and worked with the window department at Lowes to stack Peachtree Windows.  Standard size wood interior and clad exterior was almost double the storefront.  When I called Goetz Glass to get an estimate for bathroom mirrors and a shower door, I mentioned my window dilemma.  Don Goetz said he could install the storefront with tempered glass, which significantly reduces noise and heat levels.  I am a fan!  Also, a little of this look will take your kitchen, sunroom addition or enclosed porch in a very interesting design direction.


Thinking on windows...

So it came to pass, at the end of forty days,

that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made.

Genesis 8:6

God gave Noah very specific instructions for the design of the ark, even the window size and placement.  The Bible tells us God personally shut Noah in the Ark. Not a dark windowless ark, but a place designed by God with one window where light and hope could shine. Then God remembered Noah and made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters subsided.

A window was set up high, causing Noah to look up.

When the dove returned with the olive branch, it rested on the windows ledge...Look up Noah…look up!  See, once again, God has remembered you and acted on your behalf to provide for you and every living creature.  Look up!  The Holy Spirit is whispering these words to us today.

Lord Jesus, open the windows of our heart this week and blow a refreshing wind, your precious Holy Spirit, through our lives in a new way. Blow away the stale, stagnant air and replace it with deep abiding breaths of heaven.  Teach us to really breathe…to step back from life and its struggles, and breathe deeply. Create a view that shows us your perspective, a perspective of hope and confidence in the One True Living God…yes Lord, a fresh wind.  Throw open all the windows, for we want to see the reality of you in our everyday lives.



p.s….each time I walk in studio I smile as the Holy Spirit sweetly reminds me what it means to release every stone I desire to cast…yes Lord, no broken windows here!

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  1. Jody Collins says:

    What a difference the right windows make! So beautiful.
    I agree with your prayer–‘blow away the stale, stagnant air and replace it with the deep, abiding breaths of Heaven.’
    Thank you and amen!

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