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Pastor Parris Bailey, an anointed woman of God and friend of  mine, wrote this poem that I thought you would enjoy.  Last year she founded Mary’s Song, VictoryFellowship.net/Ministries/MarysSong which has been such a blessing to many young women who were in desperate situations and had no where to turn.

From personal experience of facing distress in her teenage years, Pastor Parris says, “I believe that God uses the things that cause us the most pain and embarrassment in order to bring Glory to God.  I also believe that God loves to fill empty vessels or ones that are base or lowly.  Mary is a great example of that!  She did nothing to deserve favor.  God did everything.  She was so pure yet so impoverished, a woman pregnant but not married.  Martin Luther said, ” You must become impoverished and be completely wrapped up in poverty so that, without any human help, God alone may do the work.”

That is such a good word and deserves pondering over this Christmas eve.


O beautiful Star

How brilliant you are

The place I see you seems so far

Will you hear my call?

O Star, Star Divine

How do you make your face to shine?

If we follow the star what will it say?

“Go to the manger”

Where Christ the babe lay

Far away from present danger

Star of amazing shine

Full of holy love divine

Shepherds awoke in the night

There was a great light

They heard the angels sing

Glory to God, Peace to all

Fields and valleys do ring

The news of the new born King

O Star, Shine on me!

Show me this wonderful mystery

In you, his face I will see

From now to eternity

Your shine brings clarity

Bright and morning star

Fairest of ten thousands

Guide me to the distant shore

Where I will be with him forevermore

Until the Daystar comes with healing in his wings.

…desiring to shine like a star in the universe as I hold out the Word of life… Merry Christmas,  leah

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  1. David Cefalu says:

    Hello Leah!

    I just received a call from an ole cooking buddy of mine, one whom I met in New Orleans after Katrina, serving at the Broad St Mission. One, whos company and friendship I thouroughly enjoyed, and will always cherish! Yes Leah, that would be your ole Alabama husband Jim! What a guy, he didn’t even RAZ me about the Alabama / LSU Natl championship game.

    I just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed ya’lls company while you were here in “The Big Easy” We speak of you often, and always wonder what new adventure The Lord has ya’ll pursuing.

    I was thrilled to hear about the farm! As you know that is “right close to our heart”! I may have to come down there with the sawmill and cut up those oak trees Jim told me about. Well enough of the small talk, We love ya’ll and hope to come see that beautiful home you have been Blessed with, it is beautiful!

    May our Lord Jesus Christ keep you always.
    David,Sheryl & Carly Cefalu, Madisonville, LA

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