Speaking Event Florence, Alabama

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Hello friends! If you are in the area, please join me…   Also, I will be signing Interior Wisdom at The French Basket in Florence on Saturday, September 27th.

Hope to see you soon!


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Live near Vero Beach

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If you live near the Vero Beach, Florida area, I’d love to see you there!

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Our lives, beautiful photographs, pictorials developed in the dark room, in silence, stillness, isolated…trusting our way in the darkness, alone, yet not. There, in the dark, character grows, God’s ways developed, and our mission slowly revealed, transforming us for the scrutiny of eventual light.

People watch you. They listen…waiting…waiting for a word of wisdom, knowledge, hope. They listen longing for a word with deep understanding of injury, pain and brokenness, all learned in the dark. A gentle spirit unafraid to live openly saying,

Yes, I understand. Did I ever tell you about the time…

People watch you. They listen and long to be comforted with the comfort from which, from whom, you have been comforted. Open your hands, open your life. Share all God has developed in you, while you stood quietly in the shadows, in His grip…abiding in the secret place, under His wings. God causes both to bloom, the evening primrose and morning glory.


My Child…Be still, right now, and know that I am God. A God of healing, hope and restoration. A God who will never leave you nor forsake you. A God who is designing an incredibly beautiful pictorial of your life…a life worth sharing. Stay close, draw near for I long to beautify my beautiful house, your soul. Tabernacle with me throughout your day by just whispering my name, for I am here. Peace, Peace like a river rushes in creating deep pools of joy! Splash your furrowed brow in my joy in the midst of pain, knowing you can trust this mystery…I live in you, your hope now, and to come.

Open your hands, open your door, open your heart…open your life.

Live openly.




BEAUTY & STRENGTH…In stock and ready to ship

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Look at everything, everything you read or see with God in mind…

Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 9.00.30 AM


Oh Lord, I thank you that you are our strength, the One who creates extraordinary beauty from the ash heap we often sit a top. Your Word is actively working to deliver every precious promise… in stock, available, for we live under an open heaven believing our life and times, our custom design, is unfolding day after day. We abandon every excess, making room, open to receive. Ship it out today Lord! Send out your word and ways into our lives causing us to flourish in your presence. Holy Spirit help us hear that still small voice touching the deepest parts of our soul, where we double over, face to the ground, bowing, knowing, we are helpless but not hopeless when we trust your design completely. Your pure, perfect, simple design…beauty and strength delivered…in stock and ready to ship from Heaven!

Enjoy a simple holiday,




New way of living…

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Complete awe. Watching God move in the cool, quiet breezes blowing through The Farm.

Women coming to be REPLENISHED, refilled. To receive from God. Permission to live a new way. Differently from the world’s ways.

In considering a new way of living, desires are quieted with satisfaction.

Grasping, needing, wanting gives way to rest and peace…trust.

Undisturbed confidence that He, God, will lead us beside still waters and restore our souls.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Because the Lord is my Shepherd. He will lead, feed, keep and protect this week if we will follow.

Follow him into an even leaner life, one of simplicity. Simplicity scrutinizes want, brings true need into focus and chooses less. Less holding on, more letting go.

Let go. Release. Summer season is fast approaching. Summer is a season of harvest. Harvesting all the seed planted and watered. Harvesting that which was toiled for and prayed over.

But, is the harvest given so we build a bigger barn? Does that bigger barn secure you from life’s next storm? For Summer brings the storms too.

The Lord is my Shepherd.

Simplify. Simplify now. Find misplaced loyalty, true security. King David counted the harvest, what he thought were “his”. We easily forget we are simply the vessel. A vessel pours out after graciously receiving. Waters after being filled.

Simplify. Let go. Let “it” go. God’s faithfulness reaches to the Heavens and stretches a canopy of love and provision over your life…beginning to end, the harvest.

Simplify. Intentionally simplify. Move closer to God’s agenda this week.

Lord, we seek you. as the rain falls from Heaven and you water the earth causing it to flourish and grow, please pour yourself, living water, on our lives bringing beauty and holiness in simple ways. The simple satisfaction and undisturbed joy of knowing we are yours. Teach us, empower us, to live a new way- open, slow, simple and generous…closer to you, closer to Heaven.



Intentional design-intentionally letting go…



Truly Beautiful…

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Last weekend I enjoyed a beautiful Saturday with the women of the First United Methodist Church of Winter Park at their retreat in Howey-in-the-Hills. Tucked into the landscape of Central Florida is this beautiful old Spanish-style mission redesigned into a first-class resort and spa. Not your typical venue for a women’s retreat, which was quite a beautiful treat!



My friend Hattie, from New Orleans, and my new friend Marilyn, from Denver, were visiting The Farm for the weekend and helped me with the book signing table. Hattie and I had been working through Jennie Allen’s Bible study CHASE, by telephone, but during her visit, we finished up the last chapter and I have been reviewing my notes.

In my journal, I write, “Teach me what ‘truly beautiful’ means to you God.”

I don’t want to stand one day before the living God who created me only to realize I had wandered off-path in my sincere pursuit to please Him. I don’t want God to say that I missed the point! Which means I must wake every morning and remember that all the invisible stuff is very real. God is invisible, but very, very real.

As an interior designer, I design because I desire to impact the interior of your home. Like God, the grand designer, who desires to impact our interior, our heart life. In thinking through this, I am reminded of the rich, young ruler in the Bible. He followed all the 10 commandments and lived an honorable life, but when Jesus told him to sell all his possessions and give the proceeds to the poor, the Bible states “he went away very sorrowful for he had many possessions.” Please Lord don’t let that be me! That’s all we know of the young ruler. His legacy ended there. Unlike the disciples who chose to obey and follow God, giving it all away for the Kingdom. They turned the world upside down and we, today, right now, are still talking about their beautiful legacy.

“Teach me what truly beautiful means to you God.”

When God fills the interior, when God is our interior designer and we allow Him to edit, rearrange our heart, our priorities, our life, our day, something very beautiful happens. An earthbound caterpillar is transformed into a free flying butterfly. I clearly remember closing the door and walking away from my first completed interior, the one in which I asked God to be the lead designer and me the assistant. Walking to my car I cried like a baby. Of course I was exhausted, but it was more than that. It was such a beautiful, finished interior and I knew deep within that I had not designed it…alone. God used me in a way that forever rocked my world and the ripple effect has been tremendous.

We can choose to build our design, our life on the things that are temporary, the fleeting things that move and change like our address, bank account, accomplishments, social status or appearance. Or, we can build our lives, our true identity, on God. A beautiful God whose beautiful character does not change. A God, who is unconditional love and has designed a floor plan that beautifully fits our lives.

Psalm 24:3-4 is the scripture that inspired my book, INTERIOR WISDOM. It continually reminds me of the truly beautiful. GOD.

By wisdom a house is built.

By understanding it is established;

and through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.


Have a beautiful weekend and ask God what a truly beautiful interior looks like for you!



Everyone has a beautiful house in them

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Today I received my renewal for House Beautiful magazine. Tucked in the bill was a bookmark…Everyone has a beautiful house in them!


It’s true and I just love this thought. Everyone has a beautiful house in them! You never know where you will find inspiration. This morning in prayer I asked the Holy Spirit to give me the theme for a women’s retreat next month on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia, where I will be speaking. And out fell this bookmark a couple of hours later!

HOUSE BEAUTIFUL…everyone has a beautiful house in them

Once we believe this, God starts rearranging our interiors to reflect His design.

The Lord promises

I will beautiful my beautiful house. {Isaiah 60:7}

I will beautify the place of my sanctuary. {Isaiah 60:13}

And our heart is that house, his sanctuary. I encourage you to consider that

everyone {that’s you} has a beautiful house in them!

And creating that beauty starts with the powerful presence of God in our homes and lives. When God moves in, everything changes. Beauty is no longer beautiful for the sake of beauty, but beauty has meaning and purpose. Our lives become living pinterest boards for all who are searching. And believe me, people are watching and listening to you my friend, for we all crave authenticity. Something real and something of real beauty, which overflows from the heart, the heart occupied by Jesus.

Everyone has a beautiful house in them!

A dear friend of mine shared a way God is creating a beautiful house within her. In the past, she would write her prayers in a journal to help keep her mind from wandering, but recently she framed a bulletin board she covered in linen and fills it with pictures of her family and friends. Her coffee pot is in her laundry room and each morning she walks in with a beautiful reminder to pray. She places her hands on the pictures and she prays…creating a beautiful house within.

Isn’t this a wonderfully creative and beautiful way to remind yourself to pray! I truly love this idea and plan to incorporate it into my beautiful house within.



Speaking of praying, please keep me and my dear friend Gail in your prayers as we venture to Mexico Friday on a mission trip to minister to the Mayan people. We are both very excited for the opportunity to share with the women of that culture that they, too,

have a beautiful house in them when Jesus moves in!

If you are reading this, know that I have put my petite hand on my computer and asked the Lord to bless you, for He hears every prayer…from the faintest whisper to the most desperate cry. I pray for you with confidence remembering that God takes all the broken things in our lives, including the clutter, mess and the chaos, and makes it all new and beautiful.

everyone has a beautiful house in them!








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Monday, Jim and I hosted Edie and Linda’s bridge group at The Farm for a Mini-Replenish. Winter is a time of rest and reflection, in nature and our spirit, so I took the opportunity of this quiet season to share some Interior Wisdom for the home and heart…anticipating a beautiful new Spring!

 To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven.  Ecc 3:1









The women drove in from the city around 10:00 and enjoyed coffee and a snack as they toured the Farmhouse. I shared a teaching and sent them off to do a Prayer Walk around The Farm before Jim served lunch. REPLENISH is all about taking time to pull away from the busyness of life to reconnect with close friend and an even closer God.

God has clearly shown me that a healing begins for all who come. God has anointed The Farm in this generation for such a time as this…and Jim and I both relish being a steward, servant and heir. 

I encourage you to go outside, into nature, and do a Prayer Walk of your own. Consider these notes as a spring board to reconnect you with God this weekend. Let this season of Winter quiet your soul.


As you walk about The Farm, get honest with God and let the natural and spiritual hold hands…for all is of God. The season is Winter. A time of REST and REFLECTION before the INVIGORATING NEWNESS of Spring. Remember, regardless of what Winter holds, we can always count of the perpetual fresh start of Spring!

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under Heaven.  

Ecc 3:1


What has cluttered your home and heart that needs clearing out, editing? Why do you hold onto the broken things in your life? Let go of the stuff that so easily encumbers and entangles you. Consider simplicity and learning to live with less.


What is the focal point of your life? Your home? Is it clearly discernible to family and friends? God desires to be that focal point, that anchor and refuge. Release those little idols, for your security and identity are in God alone.


Maybe you have been running hard after everything else but God. Life happens fast and we find we have wandered down the wrong path…again! Jesus said for us to Come to him if we are weary and burdened and He will give us rest. Commit your schedule to God, again, and ask him to create margin, breathing room, in your life. Margin in your home, your schedule, your finances. What needs to happen for you to live a life of devotion and rest in this season of your life?


Jesus promises us His yoke is easy and His burden is light. How do you feel when you read what God has to offer you is a time of rest, days that are easy and light? Let go of those weighty burdens for God is faithful.



What is that ONE THING you want to change in your home? In your heart? God knows us completely. He knows our heart’s desire. Name that one thing?


Finally, reflect on those things that add beauty and dimension, texture, to your life. What makes you smile, truly happy? Those are blessings God has generously poured out on your life! Spend some time in thanksgiving…thank him for everything!

God has made everything beautiful (beautifully appropriate/ a beautiful fit) in His time.  

Ecc 3:11 (added)

I am praying you will choose to create margin in your life to enjoy God this weekend.




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Please join me Saturday, September 8th as I share tips and ideas of how you can “Create your own Space” like a design pro. This event celebrates my friend and interior designer, Carolyn Moor, recently joining Angela Neel Interiors, a beautiful and sophisticated shop in Winter Park Village, offering full-service interior design.

As we enter this new season of Fall, come grab some pastries, coffee and design inspiration as I show you how to create a well-designed space. I will be signing my book, Interior Wisdom, a great gift for any occasion. Christmas will be here before you know it and I would love to sign one for you!

Remember…the difference in ‘good design’ is in the details. Come let me share some of those ‘details’ and inspire your creative side!

Have a beautiful weekend!



lauren nicole

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Did I tell you Lauren is living with us for the Summer? She left all behind in Miami to take a leap of faith and start her own business. Of course we are thrilled for her to light briefly in the cottage, but Jim and I, along with her Atlanta mom, Cindy, and her husband, Don, could not be happier with Lauren’s business plans. She will be doing what she loves!

Lauren will be opening lauren nicole, a boutique, in downtown DeLand in August.

Her ultimate goal is to have lauren nicole on wheels. How creative! A mobile boutique creating a fun and convenient social shopping environment. It works for the food trucks, so why not? I love when young men and women think outside the box using the gifts and talents God so generously gives.

AND…the fun news for me is that I leave in morning with Lauren on a buying trip to the Atlanta Apparel Market!

Part of the planning process for lauren nicole has been working on the design and space planning for Lauren’s boutique. One of the best ways to create a visual for your space is to take graph paper and scale it out as a floor plan. Just measure the dimensions of your room and scale it out on graph paper. I like to use 1/2″ = 1’0″.  Which means, each square is equal to 6″.  After you scale out the bird’s eye view, then tape a piece of graph paper to each of the sides and draw the elevation. An elevation is simply the vertical view of the wall. Take your lines up from either end of the wall on the floor plan to the measured ceiling height. After you draw your ceiling line, basically you will have drawn a box. You can draw each of the items you have measured out on the floor plan onto the elevation just by extending the lines from your floor plan.

For example: We marked out on the floor plan where the doors and window, along with her hanging racks would be located. Can you see how I just extended those lines up on the elevation creating a picture of the wall. The next part is easy…play paper dolls! Cut your elevations to fit the floor plan and tape the walls together creating a clear visual of your space.


About 5 weeks ago when I received Lauren’s phone call about moving back to the Orlando area, I knew in my spirit that God was up to something. With each passing day, Jim and I see his creative hand on our daughter’s life..it’s so very exciting! He designed Lauren Nicole Richardson with a very good eye for good design, and she has cultivated some savvy business skills over the past 4 years. 

Please keep her in your prayers as she takes a leap of faith to fulfill her dreams. Obedience always brings blessings, and Lauren is following the desire and stirring in her heart, which I believe God graciously planted.

Romans 8:28 is a prayer I continually stand on day by day.

For God works all things together for our good and His glory.

What a privilege to be a part of Lauren’s journey! And as we journey to Atlanta, we plan to take a bit of The Farm with us for family and friends!

Have a wonder-filled week and remember…God is working out everything in your life for your good and His glory! Stand firm on that promise this week as you take that leap of faith!